Bikaner Camel Festival - Rajasthan

Bikaner Camel Festival - Rajasthan

Bejewelled and brightly decorated camels and their owners come together for two days of traditional folk dancing, music, camel races and even camel dances!

Bikaner is in the heart of India’s desert region, an inaccessible land before the arrival of modern motor vehicles. Camels have always been a natural part of life here, making the annual Bikaner Camel Festival a truly authentic Rajasthani festival; the ideal place to get to grips with local culture and have a bit of fun watching an alternative way of life displayed before you. In fact, camels are still used to pull heavy loads when modern alternatives aren’t available or practical. Watch camel races, listen to music, witness camel-milking (surely an awkward process?) and watch live camel make-overs as their fur is cut into traditional designs. Not to be missed is a group of well-loved local musicians who perform from the backs of their camels.

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