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Guatemala is a country of spectacular natural beauty with picturesque highland lakes and lush jungle, smoking volcanoes and lovely colonial towns. This Central American gem remains refreshingly off the well-trodden tourist trail despite its many wonderful attractions; the picturesque colonial town of Antigua, nestled among three volcanoes; Lake Atitlan, arguably one of the world’s most beautiful lakes; and magnificent Tikal, located in the heart of the rainforest and regarded as the greatest city of the Mayan world.

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Antigua | Central America

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Mexico City to Guatemala - 22 days Map 14 Feb 2016
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Mexico City to Guatemala - 22 days
Mexico City to Antigua
USD $2,804
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The Way To San Jose - 15 days Map 21 Feb 2016
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The Way To San Jose - 15 days
Antigua to San Jose
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Cancun to Antigua - 10 days Map 26 Feb 2016
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Cancun to Antigua - 10 days
Cancun to Antigua
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Footsteps of the Mayans - 13 days Map 28 Feb 2016
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Footsteps of the Mayans - 13 days
Cancun to Antigua
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Mayan Empires - 22 days Map 28 Feb 2016
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Mayan Empires - 22 days
Starts/Ends: Cancun
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The ruins at Tikal
Our top pick for Guatemala

Hidden away in a rainforest in Guatemala are the ruins at Tikal - one of the largest archaeological sites of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979, some of the monuments at Tikal date as far back at the 4th century BC and are fascinating to explore.

Guatemala Group Tours

Travelling by a mix of public buses, private van and local boats, explore the best of Guatemala from the delightful colonial town of Antigua to the stunning shores of Lake Atitlán. With a maximum group size of 16 passengers you can totally immerse yourself in the local culture of Guatemala and neighbouring Mexico, Belize and Nicaragua on an overland adventure.

Cancun to Antigua

10 days | FROM USD $1,439

From Cancun to Antigua, explore the delights of Mexico, Belize and on...

Footsteps of the Mayans

13 days | FROM USD $1,469

From the beautiful beaches of Cancun and the legendary Mayan ruins of...

The Way To San Jose

15 days | FROM USD $2,479

Travelling from Antigua to San Jose, discover the magnificent Mayan of...

Mayan Empires

22 days | FROM USD $2,789

Take an exhilarating 22 day journey of discovery through Mexico, and...

Mexico City to Guatemala

22 days | FROM USD $3,299

From Mexico City to Antigua, take an exciting three week journey and...

Guatemala tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.67 out of 5 based on 3 recent reviews — See All Guatemala Reviews

I was very impressed with the Mayan Empires Tour. Both Tour Leaders (Lisa & Nancy) were professional, knowledgeable, helpful and loads of fun. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in travelling to Central America. The only thing that I was disappointed with was that breakfasts weren't included with the accommodation.”  

• Submitted 2 Oct 2015

Tour was good. Group was very international and good

Not so good: Only one excursion included. ”  

• Submitted 24 Nov 2014

Wonderful tour. Every hotel had a pool. Met great people in my age range. Very fast paced. San Ignacio was probably not worth stopping at, but it was probably just because all tours were cancelled due to rain the evening before (horseback riding was the only option). Could have spent another day in Caye Calker. Didn't receive any history about the locations other than the private tours that we paid separately for.”  

• Submitted 6 Nov 2014

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Travelling on a group tour to Guatemala

We offer an range of Guatemala tours, many of which start or end in Antigua, giving you the opportunity to extend your stay in this lovely town and explore its colourful street markets, ornate churches, parks and plazas and relax in its wonderful cafes, bars and restaurants. Our Guatemala tours also visit neighbouring Mexico and Belize and if you would like to travel from Guatemala into Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, take a look at our The Way to San Jose tour.

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Feelgood Competition Entry 'Like I had gone back in time'
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“I've traveled outside the U.S. seven times in the past 15 years. It always makes me appreciate the U.S. when i return.”

by mike norwood
Posted on 13 Sep 2015

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