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A view of Mt. Everest on flight in the Himalayas

Gangtey Holidays

Gangtey Travel

Gangtey Valley also known as the Phobjika Valley is an expansive U-shaped glacial valley in central Bhutan. Surrounded by the Black Mountains this pretty but little-visited valley has been designated a conservation area and plays host to the black-necked crane in winter, when they migrate here from neighbouring Tibet. These cranes are so popular in the area that the locals throw a festival to mark their arrival every year on 12th November.

Apart from the birds, the Gangtey area is
famous for its resident monastery, the
Gangteng Monastery. Built in 1613 and most recently renovated in 2008 it is arguably one of the holiest Buddhist sites in the world in the last wholly Buddhist country in the world. This impressive building sits at the head of Phobjika, proudly looking over the valley and is inhabited by visiting monks in the summer months only.

Visitors often take leisurely walks through the village as well as further afield on the numerous nature walks and treks. The valley’s varied and often undulating terrain means that a walk can be found for all levels of fitness.

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