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The best time to visit India

India is such a vast country that the climatic conditions in the far north bear very little relation to those in the extreme south. While it is monsoon season in the tropical south, there is snow in the northern Himalayan regions. As a general rule the climate in the north of India is cooler, central India is hot and dry and the south is tropical (hot, humid and wet).

The weather chart shows the average daily minimum and maximum temperatures in Celsius and the average monthly precipitation.

India Seasons

India has a three-season year known as the hot, the wet and the cool. The coolest and driest time to visit is between October and February. Temperatures during this time are ideal for sightseeing. Following this period is the hot and dry season which runs from around March through to May, when temperatures reach their peak. During this time the heat can be intense particularly in Rajasthan and lofty hill stations such as Darjeeling and Shimla provide a popular respite from the heat.

June to July signals the start of the monsoon or wet season that continues until around the end of September and affects the whole country. It is very humid during this time of year and the days are punctuated by intermittent rainfall. National parks are closed during the monsoon season (excluding Periyar which remains open).

During November and December there is a second, shorter monsoon, which affects India’s east coast. The states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka receive most of their rainfall during this time.

North India | Delhi

Temp Min °C791420262827262418118
Temp Max °C212431364139363434342923
Rainfall (mm)2318138137418017311710310

North East India | Darjeeling

Temp Min °C-17-15-10-5-13542-5-12-16
Temp Max °C11471012121311853
Rainfall (mm)488160218242409751723441483914

West India | Mumbai

Temp Min °C191922242726242424242321
Temp Max °C282830323332292929323231
Rainfall (mm)33301848561734026464133

East India | Kolkata

Temp Min °C131521242526262624241813
Temp Max °C272934363633323232322926
Rainfall (mm)10313643140297325252114114205

South India | Kochi

Temp Min °C232426262624242424242423
Temp Max °C323233333230292930313132
Rainfall (mm)1718197218448435227419028210529