Hyderabad: The Ruins of Golkanda - 1/2 day


Step back in time and explore the ancient hilltop ruins of Golkanda Fort and visit the lavish Royal Tombs of the Qutb Shahi rulers on this Hyderabad Half Day Tour.

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Day 1: Hyderabad
Heading out early in the morning we visit the massive granite hilltop fortress of Golkanda just west of Hyderabad. Though first constructed as a mud fort in the 13th century it wasn’t until several centuries later, during the Qutb Shahi Dynasty, that it was transformed into its current impressive appearance. Pass through the imposing gateways and stroll through the fort ruins, past temples, mosques, stabled and more, whilst admiring spectacular views of the land below.

Nearby we visit a cluster of royal tombs that were the final burial ground of the Qutb Shahi rulers. The seven domed structures feature ornately carved stonework and are surrounded by landscaped gardens. Inside the tombs are lavishly furnished and at the centre of each is a sarcophagus covering the crypt below.
Tour Details
  • Starts in: 8:30 in Hyderabad / Ends in: 12:30 in Hyderabad
  • Departs: Daily
  • No local payment required
  • Breakfast:0, Lunch: 0, Dinner: 0
  • Tour Guide: Escorted by a Tour Guide
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