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What better way to experience the rich cultural heritage of India than by joining in the revelry of one of its many vibrant festivals. We have timed tours to coincide with some of the country’s most vibrant festivals – offering an authentic experience that is truly unique to India. Travel into the heart of the Thar Desert for the spectacular Pushkar Camel Fair, join us for colourful Holi – India’s most dazzling celebration, hear firecrackers fill the dark nights of Diwali - India’s favourite festival; or witness the ancient rituals of the Himalayan festivals of Ladakh and Hemis.

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Our festival tours to India

Hemis Festival
5 days | FROM USD $1,099

Join us at the Hemis Festival in 2016! See the richly adorned masks that the monastery lamas perform in to a cocophony of drums, cymbals and long horns as the birthday celebrations of Guru Padamasambhava get under way!

Countries Visited: India
Diwali, Festival of Lights
8 days | FROM USD $1,549

Every year on the dark nights of Diwali firecrackers announce the celebration of India’s favourite festival. Homes are decorated, gifts are given, sweets are shared and thousands of lamps are lit. Join us this year for Diwali – the Festival of Light on a tour of India’s famed Golden Triangle.

Countries Visited: India
Holi, Festival of Colour
8 days | FROM USD $1,579

Combine a tour of the famous Golden Triangle with the exuberant festivities of Holi - India’s most dazzling celebration, when streets throughout the country are transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour.

Countries Visited: India
Pushkar Camel Fair
9 days | FROM USD $2,159

See the sights of the famed Golden Triangle before joining the colourful festivities of the Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan for two days of camel races, beauty pageants, folk dancing, and fun competitions set against the vibrant backdrop of market stalls and rhythmic tunes.

Countries Visited: India
Hola Mohalla
11 days | FROM USD $2,949

Witness the skill of Gatka (mock fighting), the thrill of bareback horse riding and the colour and splendour of Sikhism's famous annual Hola Mohalla Festival! Sikh's from all over the world make this pilgrimage every year and celebrate together. End the trip with a tour of the Golden Triangle taking...

Countries Visited: India

Diwali - the most jubilant of the Indian festivals

While most festivals in India are local affairs, celebrated only in certain regions, Diwali truly unifies the country and is celebrated all over India as well as in Indian communities all over the world. Diwali celebrates the victory of light over darkness, which symbolises the triumph of good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. The myths and legends that surround the festival vary according to the part of India in which you find yourself, but what dominates proceedings is an affirmation of hope, a general sense of bonhomie and goodwill. There's loads of fireworks, sweets & presents are exchanged and traditional ‘diya’ lamps are lit everywhere in the evenings.

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Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 2 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 2 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 2 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 2 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 2 travellers.