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Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho is famous for its unique temples that rate a close second behind the Taj Mahal.

Khajuraho’s temples were mostly built during a major creative burst of genius from 950AD to 1050AD during the Chandela period, a dynasty that survived for five centuries before falling to the mighty Mughal onslaught. Their sheer beauty and immense size has confounded experts as to why and how they were built in Khajuraho, a small town then and still a relatively small town now. Immortalised in stone, the carved temples display exceedingly artistic aspects of Indian life a millennium ago.

Famed above all for their delicate sensuality and forthright eroticism, how and why they were built still remains a mystery. Indeed, the Chandelas appear to have forgotten about the temples soon after they were completed and it took ‘rediscovery’ by the British before these awesome masterpieces were fully appreciated in India.

The incredible skill of the artisans is evident throughout, with friezes as little as 10cm wide crammed to the gunnels with naturalistically detailed jewellery and hairstyles of the subject matter. Adding to the beauty, these amazing temples subtly change hue as the day progresses, passing from a warm pink at sunrise to white under the midday sun and back to pink at sunset.

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