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Srinagar lies in the beautiful Kashmir Valley, a heavily disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir. Srinagar is J & Ks summer capital, whilst the city of Jammu, farther south on the plains is the winter capital. Sitting on Dal Lake and the picturesque Jhelum River, the city has a distinctively central Asian flavour.

The Mughal rulers of India were always happy to retreat from the heat of the plains to the cool, elevated and verdant green heights of Kashmir. Amongst Kashmir’s greatest attractions were the Dal Lake houseboats. During the Raj period, Kashmir’s ruler would not permit the British (who were just as fond of the cool climate as the Mughals) to own any land in the region. To overcome this sticking point, they built houseboats in traditional English architectural styling to float on Dal Lake. Dal Lake with its maze of waterways lies east of the city. Dal actually comprises a series of lakes, including Nagin Lake beyond the city centre. There are also some famous Mughal gardens on the far eastern side of Dal Lake. The old city of Srinagar comprises a tangle of streets and alleyways, mosques and houses, whilst the more modern part is further up the banks of the Jhelum River.

Jammu and Kashmir have been subject to increased political unrest since the 1980s. The main reason India and Pakistan remain bitter enemies after more than 50 years of Independence and Partition is Kashmir. Since then, Pakistan has considered Kashmir the unfinished business of Partition, wanting this territory proclaimed part of Pakistan.

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