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Located in Eastern Madhya Pradesh state, Jabalpur is principally famous today for the gorge on the Narmada River known as the Marble Rocks. Known locally as Bhedaghat (after a nearby village), the gleaming white (and sometimes pink, brown and black) cliffs rise sheer from the clear waters of the Namada River.

Trips can be made up the 2-km-long gorge in shared rowboats. Though the first 500m or so is relatively uninteresting, as the boats draw closer to the marble rock formations, the excursion becomes very impressive. When the river level is high, boats may not proceed all the way to the head of the gorge. Moreover, during Monsoon – July to mid-October, boats do not operate.

The waterfall in this area is also known as Dhuandhar ('Dhuan' is the Hindi word for smoke) since the water droplets at the falls rise in a concentrated mass and create the illusion of vapours. It is impressive and when it’s warm, the boat ride offers pleasant respite from the heat.

The name Jabalpur is derived from the Arabic word "Jabal" which means mountain, showing that there could have been an ancient trade connection with Arab countries. This is strengthened by the presence of numerous old graves of Arabs in the Jabalpur cemetery. Jabalpur is a major administrative and educational centre, and bustles with commercial activity.

Jabalpur Tours

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