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Rayagada is situated in a district of the same name in the state of Orissa. The Rayagada district is strewn with meadows, forests, waterfalls and terraced valleys and populated by colourful and sometimes primitive tribes people. The tribe’s people of the region show a distinct diversity of race, language and culture. Nestled amongst the surrounding hills and forests there are many tribal villages which can be visited on an organised tour. Each village has its own fascinating customs and culture and there are many wonderful tribal markets selling local handicrafts. The scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage of this region offers visitors to Rayagada the chance to see a different side to India.

In the 3rd century BC during the reign of Ashoka the Great, Rayagada fell under the Kalinga Empire. During the Raj, the British established sugar cane plantations in the region, which at that time fell under the command of neighbouring Jeypore. This new agricultural crop strengthened and improved the region’s fortunes. The region is also mineral-rich.

There are a number of temples in the region, and Hatipathar, on the River Nagavali is a place of great scenic beauty with two waterfalls. Boulders dotted around this waterfall appear like huge elephants. Owing to the number of tribal groups, the district hosts a range of festivals throughout the year.

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Konark Sun Temple | Odisha | India
Explore Orissa
10 Days FROM $3,099

Commencing in Kolkata, we journey south to Bhubaneshwar, home to more than 500 temples. After visiting the unique tribal villages of Orissa, we round off our adventure with a trip to Puri, home to the World Heritage listed Sun Temple at Konark


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