Dome on the Rock in Jerusalem Old Town

Holy Land Tours

Given to the Israelites by God himself, the Holy Land of Israel is the cradle of the world's three monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and today holds the same religious significance it did centuries ago. Known as both the 'promised land' and the 'holy land', Israel is littered with historic towns and cities mentioned in all of the holy books from the Hebrew Bible to the Qur'an that now serve as important pilgrimage sites. Visit the Holy Land on one of our group tours or tailor-make a tour of the Holy Land if you'd prefer to make your own private pilgrimage to this inspirational region.



Our Holy Land Tours:

Holy Land Group Tours

Israel Explorer - 6 days
Found 13 departure dates for Holy Land tours
FROM USD $2,299

See Israel in 6 days including Tel Aviv, the relaxing Dead Sea and religious Jerusalem on this short all tour....

Heritage of the Holy Land - 8 days
Found 46 departure dates for Holy Land tours
FROM USD $2,899

Take in the Holy Lands of Israel departing from Tel Aviv and ending in Jerusalem including Tiberias and the...

Biblical Lands - 8 days
Found 43 departure dates for Holy Land tours
FROM USD $2,599

Take a loop around Israel taking in the sights of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem as well as the ...

Road to Jerusalem - 11 days
Found 19 departure dates for Holy Land tours
FROM USD $3,799

Take an incredible journey through Jordan and the Holy Lands, taking in highlights such as the rose city of ...

Holy Land Private Tours

Tel Aviv & Jerusalem - 4 days
Holy Land Private Tours depart any day of the year

Enjoy a short break in two of Israel's finest cities. Cosmopolitan Tel Aviv and historic Jerusalem - Israel at...

Galilee to The Dead Sea - 8 days
Holy Land Private Tours depart any day of the year
FROM USD $5,299

Depart Tel Aviv and float in the Dead Sea before visiting the biblical cities of Bethlehem, Jerusalem and...

Highlights of our Holy Land Tours


Our Holy Land group tours in Israel offer you the chance to soak up Israel's principal sites and discover for yourself just what makes the country so holy. Wander around World Heritage Listed cities, enjoy panoramic views from holy mountains, follow in the fated footsteps of the Son of God and visit the sites where miracles happened.


As the assumed place of Jesus' ministry and one of the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem holds particular significance and its ancient walls, mosques and churches will inspire even the least spiritual of people. South of Jerusalem there's Bethlehem, birthplace of Jesus and known by practically every child that's ever appeared in a nativity school play. Head north and you'll find Nazareth, Jesus' childhood home, and further still the region of Galilee, rich in holy heritage and miracle sites from the town of Cana to Tiberias, Beit She'an to Capernaum.



Holy Land Tours of Israel, Jordan and Egypt


The region's holy sites extend beyond Israel so why not consider exploring Jordan alongside Israel? Visit Mt. Nebo where Moses first viewed the Promised Land, delve into the Crusadar history of Karak Castle or marvel at the Byzantine church mosaics of Madaba. All this and more can be done on our 11 day Road to Jerusalem tour. Or why not extend your sights even further and combine Israel and Jordan with Egypt on our Pyramids Petra Promised Lands 18 day tour, not only taking in the famed ancient Egyptian sites but also St. Catherine's Monastery on biblical Mount Sinai. In Jordan we also offer a Jerusalem & Beyond 4 day bolt-on which can be combined with many of our group tours.


Tour Spotlight

Galilee to The Dead Sea

8 days from USD $5,299

Private Tour. Starting in Tel Aviv, spend 8 days taking in the sites of Israel - from The Dead Sea and Jerusalem...

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