Sign at the gate to the christian site of Capernaum, Israel

Israel Visas

British, South African, Australian, New Zealand, USA and Canadian passport holders do not require a visa to enter Israel.


Travellers should ensure that their passport is valid for 6 month in advance of their arrival date and that they have 2 blank pages free to allow for arrival and departure stamps.


For all other nationalities please visit the Israeli embassy website:


Please be advised visa requirements are subject to change. Visa procurement is the responsibility of the traveller and not of On The Go Tours.


Leaving Israel/Departure Tax

There is no departure tax for travellers exiting Israel via Ben Gurion Airport


Departing via the King Hussein/ Allenby Bridge

Travellers leaving Israel and crossing in to Jordan via the King Hussein/ Allenby Bridge land border are required to pay an Israeli exit tax of approximately $USD50 per person. Jordanian tourist visas are not available at this border crossing. Travellers arriving to Jordan via this route will need to arrange their Jordanian tourist visa prior to departure. 

Though if you have exited Jordan via this border and are returning to Jordan via this border your original tour visa is deemed valid.


Departing via Taba land border

If crossing from Israel to Egypt via the Taba land border crossing you are required to pay an Israeli departure tax of approximately USD$30, plus a USD$11 tax to enter Egypt. This cost does not include an Egyptian Tourist visa. If you only plan to travel in the Sinai region (ie not to Cairo) you are able to obtain a 'Sinai Only permit' at this border. If you are travelling out of the Sinai ie onward to Cairo, Luxor or Aswan you must obtain an Egyptian Tourist Visa prior to your departure. For clarification, Tourist visas for Egypt are not issed at Taba land border.


Undertaking an On The Go Tours multi-destination tour

For those undertaking our 'Road to Jerusalem', Pyramids, Petra Promised Lands' or ‘Jerusalem & Beyond’ bolt-on.

Travellers on the above tours arrive into Israel via the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge border crossing where you will need to where you will need to pay a Jordanian exit tax of approx USD$15 per person. A public shuttle bus (at a cost of approx USD$8) will then ferry you across the border to the Isreali border control office. Here, you will proceed through immigration and be meet by our Israeli representative/driver and awaiting vehicle.


Upon exiting Israel and returning to Jordan you will need to pay an Israeli exit tax, approximately $USD50 per person. You will not have to purchase another Jordanian entry visa upon arrival at this specific border crossing as your original tourist visa is still valid.


Please be advised visa requirements are subject to change. Visa procurement is the responsibility of the traveller and not of On The Go Tours.


Israeli stamps in your passport

If you do not want your passport stamped by Israeli Immigration, it is sometimes possible at land borders (not airports) for a visa card to be stamped instead. Most Middle Eastern countries do not take issue with passports containing Israeli stamps i.e. Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates or Turkey. A few do. Syria and Lebanon will refuse bearers of passports containing Israeli stamps. Should you wish for your passport NOT to contain evidence of having travelled to Israel, have your Jordanian exit and re-entry stamps, stamped upon a separate piece of paper, which Jordanian officials are willing to do. Then upon entering/departing Israel politely specify, 'NO STAMP PLEASE' and request a visa card. Egyptian Immigration officials in near all cases refuse to stamp anything other than an official passport. Which would leave evidence in your passport that you arrived to Egypt from Israel.



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