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Japan is a charming confluence of new and old. From glimmering skyscrapers and flashing neon lights, to Geishas and quaint traditional tea shops, Japan's distinct character sets it apart from the rest of Asia.

Whether bedding down for the night in a traditional inn, sitting on a woven mat eating sushi or soaking in a natural hot spring, Japan offers travellers a unique cultural experience unlike any other. With a bounty of regional specialities and world-class restaurants, food lovers will discover culinary paradise in Japan’s extraordinary cuisine too.

In Japan we offer small group tours and unique festival tours, as well as private itineraries that cover all the best places and tailor-made holidays designed especially for you.

Cherry Blossoms
Unique Local Experiences in Japan

Japan is simply stunning during the beautiful Cherry Blossom season and a perfect time to visit. You'll also get to travel beyond the sites on our tours of Japan and immerse yourself in the local way of life - try your hand at cooking Tempura and Chicken Teriyaki at a local cooking class, sip a cup of Japanese tea with a Geisha in Kyoto, take a dip in a traditional Japanese onsen or spend a night in a traditional Japanese inn - a Ryokan.

Japan Group Tours

Our Japan group tours start in Tokyo, the cutting edge capital with gleaming skyscrapers and bustling streets. A high speed rail journey out of the city reveals another side of Japan where spectacular landscapes abound, from iconic Mt Fuji to the pristine island of Miyajima. Other highlights include ancient Kyoto, the heart and soul of traditional Japan, and Hiroshima with its poignant Peace Park. All of our group tours are led by an experienced local tour guide who will be on hand to provide assistance along the way, organising your daily activities, providing a fascinating insight into the places you visit and giving you useful tips on where to eat, shop and visit during free time.read more

Best of Japan

8 days | FROM USD $2,899

From the neon-lit streets and glimmering skyscrapers of Tokyo to the 8...

Land of the Samurai

12 days | FROM USD $4,899

Wing your way into Tokyo and out of Osaka for this 12 day Japanese in...

Tokyo to Takayama

14 days | FROM USD $6,599

Soak up the spectacular scenery of Hakone and the culture of Kyoto. in...

Japan Festival Tours

Each season of the year provides a unique reason to visit Japan at its most beautiful and we have a selection of festival tours timed perfectly to coincide with cherry blossom season in spring when the country blooms pink, the Takayama Festival in autumn to celebrate the changing of the leaves, and the frozen fun of the Sapporo Snow Festival. read more

Takayama Festival

11 Days | FROM USD $5,379

Escorted Group Tour: Autumn in Japan is simply spectacular, as the of...

Cherry Blossom Festival

14 days | FROM USD $6,839

Escorted Group Tour: Springtime is possibly one of the best times to...

Sapporo Snow Festival

13 Days | FROM USD $8,618

Escorted Group Tour: While Japan is famous for its pink hue of winter...

Japan Private Tours

Join us in Japan on one of our four private tours for your independent adventure. Given Japan's excellent transport system, getting around is fairly hassle free and makes it easy to combine a wealth of cultural sights and experiences in one hit. Whether you’d like to shop in Tokyo, experience Osaka's vibrant nightlight, meet geishas in Kyoto or soak in a hot spring in Kinosaki Onsen - our private tours in Japan have you well-looked after.

Akihabara | Tokyo | Japan

Just Japan

8 days | FROM USD $2,649

Private Tour: Take in the buzz of Japan’s capital city, learn how to...

Kiyomizu Temple | Kyoto | Japan

Geisha & Gyoza

8 days | FROM USD $2,579

Private Tour: Get lost in the organised chaos of Tokyo, catch a of in...

Mount Fuji & peace Pagoda | Japan

Land of the Rising Sun

14 days | FROM USD $4,669

Private Tour: Travel like the Tokyoites do in Japan’s capital city,...

Osaka Castle | Osaka | Japan

Konnichiwa Japan!

14 days | FROM USD $4,399

Private Tour: After fully exploring Tokyo head to Nagano and Matsumoto...

Japan tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.75 out of 5 based on 4 recent reviews — See All Japan Reviews

Richard was very engaging, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and flexible. We were lucky enough to be only 3 people on the tour, so he was able to give us lots of attention, answer all our questions and also take us to one or two places where he couldn't normally go with larger tours, so we felt extra privileged. He also laughed at our jokes, which was a bonus....It was great to be with someone who loved Japan so much and was fluent in the language.

(We also hope his head is better, after he banged it on a doorway!)”  

• Submitted 21 May 2015

Aki was a great guide and gave us a view of more than just the tourist sights of Japan. He took us to local restaurants and shared his deep knowledge of the history of the places we visited - he is clearly very passionate about Japan!”  

• Submitted 5 May 2015

1. Well organized & timed for Sakura watch.

2. Good choice of cities/towns & sites to visit.

3. Good choice of hotels.

4. Fortunate to be in a friendly group.

5. Very good friendly & helpful guide.

6. Good duration for discovery of Japan. ”  

• Submitted 25 Apr 2015

Highlights of our Japan Tours

In Tokyo, discover a capital city hurtling headlong into the future as the crux of the latest trends, hippest fashions and must-have gadgets. And in Osaka, the country’s second city, uncover trendy restaurants, cool bars and unrivalled nightlife amongst the city's skyscrapers. In the culturally rich city of Kyoto, sacred shrines can be found tucked in among shopping arcades, time-honoured tea houses nestle among modern businesses and the traditional Geisha can be found in the historic Gion district.

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Feelgood Competition Entry 'Absorbed in the culture and colours of Japan'
When I travelled to Japan I felt
Absorbed in the culture and colours of Japan

“I have a real passion for travel and despite doing my best to see as much as I can I have not had the opportunity to travel nearly as much as I The is...”

by Karl Swart
Posted on 09 Nov 2015

Feelgood Competition Entry 'In awe of wilderness'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'Inspired '
Feelgood Competition Entry 'Amazed with the culture'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'Peaceful'

Recommended places to visit in Japan

City skyline | Tokyo | Japan
Bright lights, Big City


Tokyo is a metropolis that needs little introduction. Japan’s capital and the start of most trips to Japan. Famous for its huge skyscrapers, fantastic shopping and super efficient subway system – it’s a city that will leave you amazed! However there is also a more traditional Japanese side to the city in the north-east where you can get lost amongst the temples of Asakusa including Tokyo’s oldest temple - Senso-ji.

Ginkaku-Ji Temple | Kyoto | Japan
Former Capital


One of the longest serving capitals of Japan, Kyoto is home to an impressive one quarter of Japan’s national treasures. This includes countless temples and shrines as well as 17 recognised UNESCO sites! However what, or rather who is the most iconic sight in Kyoto are the famous Geisha. These timeless female entertainers are experts in traditional dance, art and music and did you know that the word Geisha actually translates to ‘Artist’?

The Atomic Bomb Dome | Hiroshima | Japan
Historical city


Quite possibly one of the most well known cities in Japan, Hiroshima is most famous for the sad events of the 6th August 1945. However 70 years on and the city has bounced back in a truly charming Japanese way. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial is one of the only physical reminders of the tragedy as it was the only structure left standing close to the bomb’s hypocentre.

Takayama Autumn Festival | Takayama | Japan | Photo courtesy: Robert Pa
Mountain Paradise


Set in the centre of Honshu, Takayama enjoys a beautiful mountainous location. Despite its relatively small size, Takayama packs a punch when it comes to its wealth of museums, galleries and temples. Also home to one of Japan’s best loved festivals – the Takayama Festival which occurs in October every year and sees crowds flock to see the city turn into a beautiful autumnal paradise!

Bullet train & Mount Fuji | Japan
All aboard

Bullet Train Journey

One of Japan’s most famous forms of transport if the high speed bullet train. Reaching speeds of up to 320kmh – it is one of the most efficient ways to see the most of Japan, especially if travelling long distances. Popular routes include Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka. In true Japanese fashion these trains run on time to the second! So no delays here!

We have loved every minute of the tour. It was a surprising mixture of discovering Japan. The information provided by the tour operator was perfect. We know exactly what to do when and every ticket was already there. nice hotels and very knowledgable and flexible guides. We highly recommend this tour.”  

Paulina van der Veeken • Geisha & Gyoza - 8 days

Japan Travel Guide

Make the most of your time in Japan with our useful guide on the essentials you need to know before you go.

Picture of three geisha girls in Japan

Top 10 Experiences

Our picks for Japan and where best to sample these delights


Top Travel Tips

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Osaka Castle | Osaka | Japan

Best time to Visit

Information on climatic and weather conditions in Japan

City skyline | Tokyo | Japan

Best Places To Visit

Places on our must-see list of any visit to Japan

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Get to know Japan

Recommended Reading

  • Shogun
    by James Clavell
  • Memoirs of a Geisha
    by Arthur Golden
  • Shutting Out the Sun
    by Michael Zielenziger
Did you know...?

Facts about Japan

  • Japanese trains are among the most punctual in the world: the average delay is just 18 seconds.
  • Japan has more than 50,000 people who are over 100 years old, the majority of which are women.
  • The biggest Japanese community outside of Japan is in Brazil with the first immigrants having arrived in 1908.

Japan Travel Advice:

We stay informed of the latest travel advice to Japan and follow the regulations laid out by the British Foreign Office. The safety of our travellers is paramount and we recommend that you check the latest travel updates from the relevant advisory body in your country prior to travel.

Online travel resources for Japan:

REFER TO: Rough Guides, Fodors, Frommers, Footprints, CN Traveller and World Travel Guide.

ALSO SEE: The official Japan Tourist Organisation site and the latest Japan Weather Updates from the BBC.

JAPAN TRAVEL BLOGS: Get under the skin of Japan with these informative blogs - Gakuran, Shisaku and Japanese Rule of 7.

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