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The best time to visit Jordan

Jordan is a year round destination but some times of the year are better than others to visit Jordan. The climate can be characterised by long, hot and dry summers and short, cool winters though due to the country’s variety of altitudes, Jordan has a number of climates to match. Amman enjoys glorious temperatures during the summer months with pleasantly cool evenings. In places of low altitude, such as the Jordan Valley and Gulf of Aqaba, the summer heat is at its most fierce and humidity is high. Wadi Rum and the desert are particularly hot though with no humidity. A lightweight wardrobe should keep you comfortable during summer months when you visit Jordan, but if travelling to mountainous regions be sure to pack warmer clothing as the high altitude can result in cooler temperatures.


If you plan to visit Jordan in the winter then Amman can be unexpectedly cold with the majority of rain falling from December to March and the occasional fall of snow. Temperatures plummet in the desert, especially at night with the mercury hitting below zero. Aqaba remains pleasantly warm during the winter with average temperatures of 18⁰C. Spring (March – May) and autumn (September – November) are the best times to visit when daytime temperatures are not too extreme.



Jordan Climate - the best time to travel


Jordan - Amman


  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
min temp °C 4 4 6 9 14 16 18 18 17 14 10 6
max temp °C 12 17 16 23 28 31 32 32 31 27 21 15
rainfall mm 69 74 31 15 5 0 0 0 0 5 33 46


The weather chart above shows the average daily min and max temperatures in Celsius and the average monthly precipitation, and should only be used as a guide.


Note: If you are planning on camping in Wadi Rum in Jordan, you are advised to pack a sleeping bag for additional warmth as temperatures anytime of the year do fall at night.


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