All About Amman - 1/2 day


Uncover the Amman of old at the ancient hilltop citadel, fascinating National Archaeological Museum, impressive Roman Theatre and intriguing Folklore Museum. Plus catch a glimpse of modern Arab life amongst the bustling souks and streets of downtown Amman on this Jordan Half Day Tour.

All our day tours are guaranteed to depart when bookings are made more than 96 hours prior to departure.

Day 1: Amman
We commence our tour at the Amman Citadel, an ancient fortress that sits atop the highest hill in the city and boasts an impressive collection of historical buildings, ruins and artefacts dating from the Bronze and Iron Ages, through to the Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad periods. The highlight here is the ruins of the Umayyad Palace, an extensive complex of royal and residential buildings. There is also the domed audience hall, a wide colonnaded street lined with arches and columns, the dusty ruins of the Byzantine Basilica, and the remaining pillars of the Roman Temple of Hercules. A short walk from the temple is a lookout point with spectacular views of the city below. Within the citadel walls there is also the National Archaeological Museum, which houses a fine collection of artefacts spanning thousands of years. See examples of Dead Sea Scrolls, Umayyad-period artwork, a 6,000 year-old skull from Jericho, and three Ain Ghazal statues, dating back to 6500 BC, amongst others.

Next visit the restored ancient Roman Theatre in downtown Amman. Undoubtedly the most impressive remnant of Roman Amman, the three-tiered amphitheatre is steeply carved into the side of a hill and is still occasionally used for performances. Within the theatre is the Folklore Museum, boasting a modest collection of items that represent traditional Jordanian desert, village and city culture from the 19th to early 20th centuries. Later explore modern Amman and barter in the souks, selling leather goods, traditional Bedouin dress, hand-embroidered fabrics and gold-threaded Kaftans.
Tour Details
  • Starts in: 14:00 in Amman / Ends in: 17:00 in Amman
  • Departs: Daily
  • No local payment required
  • Breakfast:0, Lunch: 0, Dinner: 0
  • Tour Guide: Yes
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