Crusader Castle of the Sea, Sidon, Lebanon

Top spots to visit in Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut the former 'Paris of the Middle East' has overcome its turbulent past and has undergone some dramtic urban redevelopment, to place itself firmly back on the tourist map. Located along a picturesque stretch of Mediterranean coastline, Lebanon's vibrant capital city holds much appeal. The seafront corniche offers spectacular views of the famous Pigeon Rocks and the National Museum provides a fascinating insight into the country's history. An array of al fresco cafes and restaurants serve delicious Lebanese cuisine, the city offers a lively nightlife and the colourful Souk el Barghou at Martyr's Place, is ideal for a spot of shopping.

Baalbak, Lebanon

With certainty, the temple complex of Baalbek is Lebanon’s greatest Roman treasure. The site is famed for its exquisitely detailed yet monumentally scaled temple ruins, which are among the world’s best preserved. Towering high above the Bekaa plain, their monumental proportions proclaimed the power and wealth of Imperial Rome. The complex includes Jupiter Temple with Bacchus Temple adjacent to it and the circular structure known as the Temple of Venus a short distance away.

Castle of the Sea - Sidon, Lebanon

Ancient Sidouna had many cultural influences, including the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and Greeks and later Persian and Crusader rule (1110-1291 AD). All left their legacy in Sidon’s ancient temples and castles. Today we can explore the ruins of the fortress church known as the Castle of the Sea built by the Crusading Knights of St. John, and the Shell of the Castle of St. Louis (the Land Castle) which sits atop the Phoenician Acropolis near Murex hill, so named after the Murex shell from which the famous Phoenician purple dye extracted.

Bekaa Valley, Ksara Winery

Lebanon has a long history of wine making with the Phoenicians spreading wine and viticulture throughout the lands. Today, Lebanon is acclaimed for its prized Bekaa Valley wines. Nestled between the mountains and the Mediterranean, the region produces a range of unique wines that captures the spirit of the Levant.

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