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Baalbak, a town situated east of the Litani River in Lebanon, is famous for its exquisitely detailed yet colossal temple ruins of the Roman period. During the Roman times, Baalbak was known as Heliopolis (City of the Sun) and was one of the largest sanctuaries in the empire. Deities were worshipped here and temples built in honour of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury.

Containing some of the biggest and best preserved Roman ruins, Baalbak can be considered one of the wonders of the ancient world and was made an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 due to the site’s outstanding artistic and architectural value. The Roman construction was built on top of earlier ruins which were fashioned into a raised plaza formed of 24 monoliths, the largest weighing over 800 tons. The Roman ruins follow a pattern of building upon sacred areas of cultures before the Romans and it has led people to believe that a technically advanced civilisation of prehistory existed here long before the Romans, almost 2,000 years beforehand.

Mystery still shrouds the oldest part of the ruins at Baalbak as they fit no known culture and it is unclear as to what purpose they were originally employed for.

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