A trekker with a group of Nepalese children

Live It Local

Travel is all about understanding the country you are visiting. Discovering different ways of life, religions and cultures, learning about a country’s past, visiting historic sites and experiencing everyday life. Delving beneath the tourist façade and revealing the true pulse of a destination.


At the heart of a country is its people, and what better way to get to know the locals, than to stay in their homes! We offer homestay accommodation in remote locations with fascinating tribes and indigenous communities, such as the Amantani Islanders on Lake Titicaca in Peru . Other great forms of local interaction include trekking and camping with a family of Nomadic Berbers in Morocco and visiting local schools and community centres in Africa.


Learn to cook local dishes in India and Jordan and wander through bustling bazaars to soak up scenes of everyday life. Each of the countries we visit has a unique and fascinating heritage, explore historic palaces and forts, or secret Russian WW1 bunkers for a glimpse into the past. Learn about present day traditions and customs; steam up in a traditional Russian banya or time your trip to coincide with one of many colourful and exuberant local festivals for a real taste of the culture.


Religion is also intrinsic to most cultures and we explore many spiritual and religious sites, including Buddhist monasteries and temples in Tibet, the holy River Ganges in Varanasi, India, Mt Nebo in Jordan, Jerusalem and the Holy Lands - the cornerstone of many religions.


Below are a selection of the many authentic travel experiences we offer on our tours, which provide you with the exciting opportunity to 'live it local'.


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