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As a country of bold contrasts and striking juxtapositions, Morocco is an intriguing place to explore with something different waiting around every corner. When we design a tailor-made itinerary to Morocco for you, we'll share our first-hand knowledge of Morocco and help you plan the trip of a lifetime. You can enjoy the sights and delights of this fascinating country at your own pace, from imperial cities to Saharan sands and everything in between.

If you're planning on visiting Morocco in 2016, take a look out our best time to visit page which covers everything you need to know on Morocco's climate and planned festivals and events so that you can choose when best to go.

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Places we recommend for a tailormade holiday in Morocco

The exotic country of Morocco is a land of sensory overload – with a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, a border with the Western Sahara and the distinct culture of Islam pervading throughout, it casts a spell that’s difficult to resist. It may only be a short hop, skip and a jump away from Europe but culturally its worlds apart. Whatever you interest, Morocco is bound to impress.

Marrakech Highlight


The city of Marrakech is an exotic and heady mix of cultural influences and ancient traditions and for many represents the very soul of Morocco. Divided into two, the old part of town offers everything you'd expect of a Moroccan city - colourful markets and residents dressed in traditional outfits, whilst the newer Ville Nouvelle district is a hive of chic boutiques, galleries and modern young locals eagerly embracing the future. One of the first sights you will see as you enter Marrakech is ...
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High Atlas Highlight

High Atlas

Stretching 2,400kms diagonally through Morocco all the way to Tunisia, the High Atlas is North Africa's highest mountain range and includes the famed Rock of Gibraltar. Forming a natural border between the temperate weather conditions of the north and the searing heat of the Sahara, the High Atlas offer some of the most intriguing landscapes in all of Morocco. Populated by the Berber people who live in traditional mud-thatched and stone villages and make their living through farming and crafts, ...
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Fes Highlight


The oldest, largest and best-preserved medieval city in the world, Fes is a bustling hive of activity with a famed medina that is a heady mix of aromas, sights and sounds from the pungent tanneries to the alluring spice tubs, plush carpets, colourful pottery and intricate leather goods. There are still some 200,00 people that live in the Medina, which has an old world feel to it. To navigate, follow the tourist circuits or hire a guide as it is very easy to get lost within the medina. There are ...
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Essaouira Highlight


Enclosed by medieval-looking battlements and fronting the Atlantic Coast, the picture-perfect town of Essaouira is one of Morocco's most likeable beach resorts. Dating back to the 18th century the town is an appealing mix of attractive architecture, beach setting and excellent cuisine. Small enough to explore on foot, Essaouira features attractive whitewashed houses with blue shutters as well as an ancient medina within the original city walls with a maze of narrow alleyways lined with shops tea ...
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Chefchaouen Highlight


High up in the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen is a beautiful blue door and white-walled medina that was originally a Berber post. Only visited by three Westerners up until the year 920 when Spanish troops invaded, Chefchaouen was once considered a city that was impossible to be visited by a Christian. Today it attracts visitors from all corners of the world with spectacular mountain views and its pretty town interior. The main square is the heart of Chefchaouen, with the Kasbah (built back in the ...
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Ait Banhaddou Highlight

Ait Benhaddou

The famous fortified city of Ait Benhaddou is situated along the former caravan route between the Sahara and Marrakech, used to carry salt across the Sahara and bring back gold, ivory and slaves. Set on a hill along the Ouarzazate River, the city boasts some beautiful examples of kasbahs, some of which remain inhabited, and thanks to extensive restoration resembles what it would have looked like back in the 11th century. Granted UNESCO World Heritage listing in 1987, the site has been the a ...
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Todra Gorge Highlight 2

Todra Gorge

The deep ravine of Todra Gorge is situated on the remote east side of the High Atlas Mountains. Many years ago a raging river carved out the gorge including the cliff-sided canyons on the final 40km through the mountains. The final 600m of the Todra gorge are the most spectacular as the canyon narrows to a flat stony track as little as 10m wide in places with sheer and smooth rock walls up to 160m high on each side. It's spectacular at any time of day as the rock face changes colour with the a a ...
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Camel trekking in Erg Chebbi - Morocco Tours - On The Go Tours

Erg Chebbi

The dunes of Erg Chebbi are a strikingly strange natural formation. On the top of the flattest area you could imagine, suddenly a long mountain of sand rises. This mountain is surrounded by flat and desolate nature on all sides, and you could end up wondering if it really is real. Locals have long talked of the myths and legends of these beautiful dunes. One legend tells us that the dunes of Erg Chebbi were created by God as a punishment to the locals of nearby Merzouga after they refused to ...
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Morocco tailor made reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.33 out of 5 based on 3 recent reviews — See All Reviews

Aziz and Hassan the driver were excellent - Hassan one of the most considerate drivers that we have ever come across - his patience was really pushed to its limit on the day we drove from Zagora to Oulad Berhill - we had left riad at 0900, visited the Koranic school/library, pottery and then as it was market day had a lovely wander through there - eventually getting to Riad Hida at around 1800, lovely countryside etc, a variety of overnight stops (!) and all in all very interesting. If only there was somewhere suitable to stay between Zagora and Oulad Berhill tucked up in the mountains as that would possibly have made it a perfect tour.

The one big impact on the tour, and indeed on our total holiday, was the serious lack of tourists. Our hotel in Marrakech might have been 5% occupied, Petit riad was 80%, the one in Zagora about 70%, we were the only occupants at Oulad Berhill (by the way you can not get alcohol there!) and Palais Salaam would have been just us if there hadn't been a parachute jumping group. Essaouira was fairly busy in the town itself though our hotel was barely above 5%. The French, have, apparently, really stopped going there and so it would seem have the British etc, though for a country where tourism is the second most important business it must be incredibly worrying for them. Thank you On the Go and Hollie for arranging a lovely trip for us.”  

• Submitted 19 Feb 2016

Tailor-made tour gave us most of what we were expecting and a few surprises too, which is always good.

Accommodation was generally good - the Riads in Fes and Ourzazate were outstanding, the one in Rabat not far behind. Those in Marrakech and Essaouira less good but still generally acceptable and well located. The big surprise was the Auberge Tasga - we were expecting something basic but got much more - both rooms were ensuite, the food, welcome and entertainment terrific and the location stunning. The two hotels, in Midelt and Dades, were good stop-overs.

Desert Camp wasn't really as expected, being a very short walk rather than a camel ride from the hotel, which was where meals were taken. Given the ecology of the dunes, and the strength of the winds when we were there, we could understand this arrangement but it wasn't as described and perhaps for accuracy, information to clients for this should be reviewed.

Our guide, Zaid, and driver, Suleman, were exceptional. Zaid was good company, with excellent English, very knowledgeable, answering most questions with additional background information. Some of his walks and diversions were highlights we'll remember for a long time and we can't speak highly enough of him. while Suleman spoke very little English, we felt safe and confident in his driving, they were a great team. The lunch in a private house, on the way to Midelt, was particularly good and highly recommended.

We really enjoyed the holiday, the itinerary worked well and the hard work of the guide and driver made it even better. A big thank you to all concerned in Morocco and the UK.”  

• Submitted 6 Oct 2015

The 3 of us which includes our 16 year old son thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our holiday. The structure of the tour and all the visits and additional places we visited en route were fascinating.

Our visit coincided with Ramadan which gave us more of an insight into a different culture.

We were very happy with all the hotels we stayed in, each had a different character.

And we all have great admiration for our wonderful tour guide Azis who was very knowledgeable and planned an itinerary which gave us a much closer view of the Moroccan culture.

And last but not least we loved our driver Mustafa who drove and navigated effortlessly and courteously through the cities and landscape.”  

• Submitted 22 Jul 2015

Useful tips for planning your tailor-made trip to Morocco

Morocco's beautiful imperial cities and spectacular landscapes span the length and width of the country yet it's possible to visit the most popular sites in the space of a week starting in Marrakech and heading east to the Sahara with plenty of interesting stops along the way. With 12 days or more at your disposal you could complete a circuit around Morocco that includes destinations along the southern coast and in the Rif Mountains north of the country.

This will depend largely on how long you have to spend in Morocco and what destinations you wish to cover though it's usually possible to work in the occasional morning or afternoon at leisure no matter how short and jam-packed the itinerary. If you prefer a more laid-back holiday experience, aim to spend more time in each place so you don't have to move from one place to another each or every other day. Alternatively, if you're looking to see as much as possible then you can spend full days out and about touring with your guide or specialist local guides depending on the site. Of course, if you want time at leisure we're more than happy to work this into your itinerary.

Hotels in Morocco run the gamut from simple, affordable properties to lavish resorts built in historic buildings. Compared to Western-style standards of comfort, hotels in Morocco tend to be a little lower so Morocco's 4 star is more like a Western 3 star and a 5 star more akin to a 4 star. For many travellers a visit to Morocco wouldn't be complete without spending at least one night in a riad, 18th or 19th century medina townhouses set around a patio garden that has been transformed into a guesthouse. Often stylishly renovated with plush furnishings, mosaic-tiled bathrooms and roof terraces with seating areas, riads tend to have far fewer guestrooms than hotels and so offer a more boutique accommodation experience. Another unique overnight experience popular in Morocco is a desert camp on the edge of the Sahara where you can sleep on camp-style beds in permanent tents and enjoy a traditional Berber barbeque dinner under the stars.

Morocco's relatively compact size means that internal flights are rarely needed and that it's possible to travel overland stopping at places of interest in between the main sites. We provide a car with driver/guide for all Morocco tailor-made holidays, getting you from A to B and taking you around the sites. Although the network of routes is limited, trains in Morocco are comfortable and affordable and can be a great option for those flying into Casablanca and heading south to Marrakech where our fleet of vehicles are kept.

Beyond the popular touring sites there are plenty of unique cultural experiences to be found in Morocco whether it's a cooking class perfecting tagines or a spot of pampering in a local hammam. Film fanatics can visit movie sets that have appeared in the likes of Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator while hikers can follow the ancient migratory routes of the Berbers through the Atlas mountains. Let our tailor-made team know what inspires you and we'll design your dream holiday itinerary to match.

The easiest way to make your budget go further is to travel in the low and shoulder seasons when the weather tends to be colder but hotel prices much lower. Hotels are, on the whole, cheaper than riads offering the same standards of comfort though there's no reason why you can't use a mix of accommodation types on holiday. With a budget to work to, our tailor-made team can recommend the best combination of hotels and touring options to suit what you have to spend.

Inspirations for a holiday in Morocco

Want to create a tailor made itinerary to Morocco that is out of the ordinary? Take a look at our pick of unique things to see and do on holiday to spice up your holiday to this magical country.

Visit the film capital

Lights, camera, action!

As the film capital of Morocco, Ouarazazate has acted as the backdrop in many famous films from classics like Gladiator to modern flicks like Prince of Persia and has also been featured in the increasingly popular Game of Thrones television series. Pay a visit to the film studio, set over 20 hectares of land, and see familiar setting from your favourite onscreen action.

Learn to surf

Swells of Taghazoute

Set on Morocco’s stunning Atlantic Coast, the laidback fishing village of Taghazout has become mecca for surfers thanks to its world-class swells. If you fancy tackling the waves yourself consider heading here for a few days of sun, sand and surf. Spend the days learning how to handle a surf board and the evenings relaxing in a hammock with a cool beer in hand.

Cook local cuisine

Prepare food in Fes

Whether an adventurous gourmand or amateur chef, Fes is the perfect place to put on that apron and try your hand at preparing traditional Moroccan cuisine. Discover the aromas and spices of local gastronomy, learn about where ingredients are sourced, prepare a meal with the help of an expert chef and then sample the fruits of your labour. The trick will be recreating the dishes back home!

Moroccan Hammam - Morocco Tours - On The Go Tours
Pamper yourself

Traditional Hammam

If you are searching for a truly authentic Moroccan experience then you cannot go wrong with a traditional hammam. Playing a significant role in local culture, most Moroccans will frequent a hammam at least once a week. Whether you choose a public or private hammam, prepare to be sloshed with water, scrubbed down with olive soap and masked in mineral-rich clay. Opt for an argan oil massage to top it all off.

Rise to the challenge

Mt Toubkal

Trek to the summit of Mt Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa, across rugged mountain terrain, through earthen Berber village clinging tenaciously to valley sides, taking in stunning panoramic vistas along the way. Upon reaching the summit you’ll be greeted with breathtaking views across the High Atlas Mountains with the orange dunes of the Saharan desert in the far distance.

Be star struck

Hotel Saharan Sky

Home to Morocco’s first private observatory, the Hotel Saharan Sky boasts a rich inventory of astronomical equipment. Whether you have experience handling telescopes or are new to star gazing, someone will be at hand to guide you through the solar system. Spend an incredible evening star gazing here and then consider heading out into the Sahara for a night under the stars.

Suggested tailormade holiday itineraries for Morocco

Whether you're interested in combining Morocco's imperial cities with a night under the stars in the Sahara desert, or the dramatic High Atlas mountain range with the charming coastal town of Essaouira, we have a range of itineraries to suit your needs with an interactive map further below to help plan your perfect trip.

Imperial-Cities-And-Deserts-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-MoroccoTailored To Suit You

Imperial Cities and Deserts

10 Days | FROM USD $3,129

Soak up the atmosphere in Marrakech's famous Djemaa el Fna, explore Ait Benhaddou - the legendary fortified in...

High-Atlas-And-Atlantic-Coast-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-MoroccoTailored To Suit You

Atlas & Atlantic Coast

10 days | FROM USD $2,379

Experience the madness of Marrakech, visit the beautiful Cascades D'Ouzoud and take the road less travelled up...

Classical-Morocco-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-MoroccoTailored To Suit You

Classical Morocco

14 Days | FROM USD $3,869

The ultimate Moroccan adventure - Wander through the souks of Fes and Marrakech, soak up the sun on the beach...

Unique accommodation

Where you spend the night should be an experience in itself and in Morocco you cannot go amiss with a traditional Moroccan riad. Unlike modern hotels, riads do not offer a wide range of facilities but they make up for this with warm hospitality, an abundance of old world charm and sumptuous traditional decor. To get off the beaten track, consider staying in an eco lodge or converted Kasbah in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, or spend the night in a desert camp amongst the vast rolling dunes of the Sahara.

Explore Morocco with our interactive map

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On this range you won’t be joining other travellers, but will be on your own private itinerary. Accommodation, pace of travel and the style of trip is tailored to your individual needs. From pre-priced packages available off the shelf to fully curated tailor-made holidays, this range also includes our selection of one-night stopovers, day-tours and short breaks.

The OTG Independent range gives you all the great service aspects of our Signature range with the flexibility to create a truly unique and bespoke holiday or adventure to a variety of destinations around the world.

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