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Ait Bougemez is a hidden gem, a valley close to Ighil Mgoun, the highest summit in Morocco apart from the Toubkal range. The area is popular for trekking, as there is a long, easy trek from the Tessaout Sources/Tarkeddid plateau, which is reached from the Ait Bougmez valley.

Ait Bougmez had its first year-round road opened in 2001 and used to be isolated by snow 4 months a year. Exploring the valley is easily done on footand it can be preferable to driving, as so many places still have poor roads.

The centre of the region is the village of Tabant, and from here, in less than an hours walk, several small villages can be explored - Imelghas, Iskatafene, Ikhf-n-Ighir, Agouti, Ait Imi Iqballioun, Ifrane, and Arous. Three hours walk away is the village of Taghoulit.

With incredibly striking scenery and off the beaten track location, Ait Bougmez is still unspoilt.

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