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The dunes of Erg Chebbi is a strikingly strange natural formation. On the top of the flattest area you could imagine, suddenly a long mountain of sand rises. This mountain is surrounded by flat and desolate nature on all sides, and you could end up wondering if it really is real. Locals have long talked of the myths and legends of these beautiful dunes.

One legend tells us that the dunes of Erg Chebbi were created by God as a punishment to the locals of nearby Merzouga after they refused to give shelter to a woman and her child during a local festival. A sandstorm came, and buried the village of Merzouga as it was then.

The rich orange colours blend across the undulating sands and footprints of animals that survive in this seemingly barren landscape can be seen etched in the sand. Sparse grass tufts are sprinkled throughout the dunes. The colours of the sand change as the sun sets and a myriad of stars sparkle across the Saharan night sky.

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