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While the centre of Tinerhir is a typical modern Moroccan town, the villages around the oases are traditional. The once impressive Glaoui Kasbah overlooks the town, mostly ruined now.

Head to the villages to see ancient form of houses and the traditional system of agriculture and irrigation that has remained unchanged over the last century. The houses are mainly made from mud with iron windows and doors. The contrasting scenery of the lush green vegetation, the shifting colours of the surrounding mountain throughout the day and the paleness of the houses are the major attraction.

The agriculture is organized so that date palms grow on the edge, olives, pomegranates, almonds and fruits further in, together with grain and vegetables. The oases have traditionally been organized with independent families in each their ksours, a sort of low-scale fortress. Warfare and murder between families were far from uncommon before modern times.

Tinerhir is close to Todra Gorge and is a good stop before or after heading into the Gorge.

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