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A world heritage site dating back to AD40, this ancient city once ruled the whole Roman province of Mauritania. Enough remains to remind us of just how thoroughly the Romans equipped their great provincial capitals and is an invitation to travel in time!

The magnificent mosaics depicting the tasks of Hercules, the Orpheus myth or the procession of Venus, decorate the houses. Discover the Arc de Triomphe, the Basilica and Capital, all built in 217AD.

Other buildings worth having a look at are the House of Orpheus and the Atrium with its mosaic of The Chariot of Amphitrite Drawn by a Seahorse, the Public Baths and the Forum. Along with these are the mansions, which line the Decumanus Maximus, the most notable of which is the House of Ephebus. The Cortege of Venus has some of the finest mosaics - you cannot go into it, but most of the mosaics can be seen whilst walking around the outside of it.

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