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High up in the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen is a beautiful blue door and white-walled medina that was originally a Berber post. Only visited by 3 Westerners up until 920 when Spanish troops invaded, Chefchaouen was once considered a city that was impossible to be visited by a Christian.

The main square is the heart of Chefchaouen, with the Kasbah (built back in the 18th century), central mosque and cafes with authentic Moroccan style menus. The market is a mix of traditional Moroccan and tourist souvenirs, very busy but worth a visit for the bargains on kilims. The town is easy to explore and the old Kasbah is worth a visit. Built by Moulay Ismail, it is now practically a ruin, and next to it is the Great Mosque. Although the medina is small, walk on to the main square and the souks, that sell an array of goods and pop into the tiny hat shop selling beanies and berets. If you head on to the Jewish quarter behind the jewellery souk, you will feel the difference between it and the main Arabic feel of the town.

The name Chefchaouen comes from “two horns”, the twin peaks that rise behind the town and the area is popular for trekking, anything from four hours and more and if you walk over the other side of the mountain, you will even see the sea.

To get you started with planning your holiday to Chefchaouen, we have showcased below some popular itineraries requested by our clients which we hope will inspire your visit to Morocco

View of the city | Chefchaouen | Morocco
Camels Souks & Kasbahs
15 Days FROM $2,099

Rock the Kasbah! Wander through the labyrinthine souks of Fes and Marrakech, explore legendary Casablanca, camel trek into the Sahara and chart Roman ruins at Volubilis. Fifteen colourful days of spicy aromas, bustling bazaars, rugged mountains, sights and stunning beaches!

Meteor Shower | Sahara | Morocco
Geminids Meteor Shower
15 Days FROM $2,178

Become starstruck! Camel trek into the Sahara for an unforgettable night of stargazing at the peak of the spectacular Geminids Meteor Shower. In fifteen action packed days, you'll also get to Wander through the labyrinthine souks of Fes and Marrakech, explore legendary Casablanca, relax by the Atlantic coast in Essaouira and chart Roman ruins at Volubilis.

Essaouira | Morocco
Classical Morocco
14 days FROM $3,609

The ultimate Moroccan adventure - Wander through the souks of Fes and Marrakech, soak up the sun on the beach in Essaouira and explore Casablanca, Chefchaouen and the capital, Rabat. Enjoy 14 colourful days of culture, beaches and bustling bazaars!

Tailormade Holidays to Chefchaouen

On the Go are expert at planning holidays in Morocco — tailored to suit your individual requirements. Please have a look at some of the tailormade itineraries below that we have created for our clients which include Chefchaouen.

Dar el Moualim, Chefchaouen
Our Category: Superior   |   Regional Category: Mid Range Lodge

Dar el Moualim was built in three phases, with an original ground floor, the first floor was built approximately 50 years ago and the second floor was added in the year 2007. The air-conditioned studios and apartments have satellite TV and a seating area. Some feature locally handcrafted furniture and ceramics.

Hotel dar Terrae, Chefchaouen
Our Category: Standard   |   Regional Category: Standard Riad

Hotel dar Terrae is an adorable little hotel and was founded by the italian owner Cosimo Garrisi. The charming rooms are all different and every room has its own private terrace.

Accommodation on Tour

For all our tours and tailor-made holidays we provide you with a clear categorisation of all hotels we use. The REGIONAL CATEGORY indicates the local rating of each hotel in each respective country. We have also rated each hotel using OUR CATEGORY, which will be in line with generally accepted western hotel grading standards.

Basic hotels and simple accommodation is a no frills option with an adventurous authentic feel.

Standard accommodation equates to a Western 3-star standard, always featuring en-suite rooms and usually a restaurant.

Superior accommodation equates to a Western 4-star standard, featuring en-suite rooms and usually a restaurant and often a swimming pool and/or a fitness centre.

Deluxe accommodation equates to a Western 5-star standard, usually featuring spacious, en-suite rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool and fitness centre and an array of amenities, excellent service and customer care.

Lavish accommodation equates to a Western 5-star plus standard - the creme de la creme. Featuring spacious, en-suite rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool and fitness centre and an array of amenities, this accommodation is a cut above the rest. Sheer opulence!


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