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About Todra Gorge

Todra Gorge is situated on the remote east side of the High Atlas Mountains in. The gorge has carved out cliff-sided canyons on the final 40 km through the mountains. The final 600 m of the Todra gorge are the most spectacular as the canyon narrows to a flat stony track as little as 10m wide in places with sheer and smooth rock walls up to 160 m high on each side. The rock face changes colour during the day, ranging from a rosy red to a dull tan.

It is easy to hike in the gorge and there are many hikes available. The scenery is spectacular. Local people who live in the area and can be seen with their small donkeys, or herding camels on their daily routine.

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Todra Gorge Tours

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Todra Gorge Hotels

If you are planning a Todra Gorge holiday, have a look at some of the accommodation that we recommend. 'Our Rating' indicates how we feel each property rates according to normal Western hotel standards. 'Local Rating' indicates how the property is categorised/rated locally:

Hotel Tomboctou Todra Gorge

Our Category: Superior   |   Regional Category: Mid Range Riad

Formerly the residence of Sheikh Bassou Ou Ali, the Hotel Tomboctou is an authentic Kasbah of soil that was fully refurbished in 1994. The 14 charming rooms are blessed with typical warming Moroccan themes, are fully air conditioned and equipped with excellent en suite facilities. The refreshing outdoor pool is perfect for relaxing by and meals are served in either the tent or earthen hall. Why not try local delicacies like traditional tagine or Berber omelette? Well located close to Tinehir and popular Todra Gorge.

Accommodation on Tour

For all our tours and tailor-made holidays we provide you with a clear categorisation of all hotels we use. The REGIONAL CATEGORY indicates the local rating of each hotel in each respective country. We have also rated each hotel using OUR CATEGORY, which will be in line with generally accepted western hotel grading standards.

Basic hotels and simple accommodation is a no frills option with an adventurous authentic feel.

Standard accommodation equates to a Western 3-star standard, always featuring en-suite rooms and usually a restaurant.

Superior accommodation equates to a Western 4-star standard, featuring en-suite rooms and usually a restaurant and often a swimming pool and/or a fitness centre.

Deluxe accommodation equates to a Western 5-star standard, usually featuring spacious, en-suite rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool and fitness centre and an array of amenities, excellent service and customer care.

Lavish accommodation equates to a Western 5-star plus standard - the creme de la creme. Featuring spacious, en-suite rooms, a restaurant, swimming pool and fitness centre and an array of amenities, this accommodation is a cut above the rest. Sheer opulence!

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