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Keetmanshoop Tailormade Holidays

In southern Namibia lies the town of Keetmanshoop, an old German town within a close distance to some of the most visually stunning landscapes.

Keetmanshoop is a small town with some interesting buildings, The Keetmanshoop Museum building dates back to 1895. The Church was declared a national monument in 1978 and its unique combination of Gothic architecture and cast in Namibian stone makes it a striking building.In the church grounds is a traditional Nama matjieshuis (a house made of thatched reed). Other buildings worth a visit include the old hospital, (also known as the Johanitter Haus), the old Post Office and the Schutzenhaus (1907) the headquarters of the oldest German club in the country.

Close to Keetmanshoop is the Giant’s Playground, with huge dolerite boulders stacked onto each other and a maze of rocks. With time erosion has split the boulders into smaller stones. Also close to Keetmanshoop is the Quiver Tree Forest and the quiver tree or “Kokerboom” is indigenous to this region. The plants are succulents and can reach up to 9 meters in height. They store water in their trunks and only flower for the first time after 20 to 30 years and can reach 300 years of age. As the trunk and branches can be easily hollowed out, they were used as quivers by the bushmen.

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