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2014 Festivals & Events

30th Apr 2013

Festivals and Events with On The Go Tours
Join the party with On The Go!
Ready for adventure? From the Abu Simbel Sun Festival in Egypt to the annual Inti Raymi festival in Cusco, the Diwali festival of lights in India and the Nadaam Festival in Mongolia, these festivals and events provide a glimpse into the rich variety of customs in the extraordinary destinations we visit. Find out more online on our website

If you are looking to do something a little different for your holidays this year then we might just have the ticket for you.

We've aligned some of our tours with incredible festivals from around the world. So where ever you are planning your next holiday, why not coincide it with one of these colourful events?

Here are some of our favourites and you'll find plenty more on our website too. Take a peek at life from a unique perspective and make this a year of unforgettable adventure.

Happy travels!

Sharon MacDonald
Sun Festival - Egypt
Experience the awe-inspiring natural phenomenon that takes place at Abu Simbel twice a year.
Turkish Oil Wrestling
Witness an authentic display of Turkish strength at the exhilarating Oil Wrestling Championship.
Inti Raymi in Peru
Lose yourself in a tantalizing mix of colour, music and dance at this vibrant ancient celebration.
Diwali Festival
Light your own oil lamp, exchange gifts and join in the celebrations of India’s happiest festival.
Naadam Festival
Cheer on your favourite wrestler, archer or jockey at this traditional display of Mongolian strength
Geminids Meteors
Spend an night under the Saharan stars and witness this incredible natural phenomenon in Morocco.
Perseids Meteors
Prepare to be star struck at this incredible celestial event viewed from our desert camp in Jordan.
Ice Ice Baby
Wrap up and marvel at magnificent ice creations at this enchanting winter event in Harbin, China.
Berber Migration
Experience Berber life in Morocco with a bi-annual migration between the High Atlas & Dades Valley.
The Mud Festival
Get down and dirty at one of South Korea's most exuberant events - the Boryeong Mud Festival.
The Kandy Festival
Join the festivities of exhilarating Esala Perahera - the Festival of the Sacred Tooth in Sri Lanka.
NY in Red Square!
Ring in the New Year in style with a fireworks display over the iconic domes of St Basil's Cathedral.
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