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Discover the best of Peru on our selection of tours and tailor made holidays to the land of the Incas. Brimming with archaeological treasures from Machu Picchu to the little-visited sites of the north it’s little wonder that Peru is one of South America’s most popular destinations.

Peru claims a sizeable portion of the Amazon rain forest - a must-see on any visit - and is also home to Lake Titicaca where indigenous cultures still live in the ways of old. History echoes through the cities of Lima and Cuzco, filled with world-class museums, fine colonial buildings and ancient ruins. There's plenty more to this fascinating country including one of the world’s deepest canyons in the Colca Valley and the mysterious geoglyphs at Nazca too.

Machu Picchu | Peru | South America

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Popular tours to Peru and our top picks

The Machu Warrior
7 days | FROM USD $1,559

Spend a week retracing the steps of the ancient Inca civilization, highlighted by the spectacular Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu. Explore cobble-stoned Cuzco with its lively atmosphere and plethora of things to see and...

Peruvian Poncho
8 days | FROM USD $2,639

Discover the very essence of Peru staying in the heart of the lush Amazon rainforest and journeying to the incredible Inca city of Machu Picchu with time in the country’s most vibrant cities.

Speedy Gonzales
10 days | FROM USD $2,549

Uncover the highlights of the Inca Empire with this tour of Peru’s ancient cities. Trek through stunning mountain scenery and watch daybreak over Machu Picchu on this unforgettable journey.

Trails to Titicaca
15 days | FROM USD $3,299

See the best of Peru with fascinating Inca ruins, colourful Indian markets, spectacular mountain scenery and the lush landscapes of the Amazon rainforest. End with a little taste of Bolivia and the dizzy heights of La...

Peru to Chile Express
15 days | FROM USD $3,869

Kicking off in Lima, continue on to explore the world-famous Machu Picchu and fascinating Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. Then explore the world’s driest desert and the stunning salt flats of Bolivia before up in...

Quito to Coast
17 Days | FROM USD $2,149

From the capital of Peru, through the searing northern Peruvian desert, into the dense Amazon rainforest. Into the lush green valleys of the Ecuadorian Andes mountains, this great trip has it all for those interested in...

Lima Llama Land
21 Days | FROM USD $3,929

Absorb Peru’s majestic spirit completely with this all-encompassing tour of Peru. Starting and ending in the fascinating capital of Lima we journey through the lush Amazon Jungle, marvel at the magnificent Lake witness...

Incas Amazon & Islands
21 days | FROM USD $4,449

Experience the wonders of Peru and Bolivia on this fascinating trip through some of the world's most spectacular scenery. Travel through parched deserts, marvel at snowcapped mountains, trek through pristine rainforests...

Lima to Santiago
26 days | FROM USD $4,839

Experience a different adventure every day with this unique journey through Peru, Bolivia and Chile. From the high Andes to the world’s driest desert with visits to the ancient Inca Empire, the mighty Amazon, stunning...

South America Coast to Coast
32 days | FROM USD $8,049

Take in the highlights of South America in just 32 days on this whistle-stop tour of the continent's most awe-inspiring landscapes and vibrant cities. Explore the Amazon and trek the Inca Trail in Peru, visit Bolivia's...

Journey to the Equator
37 days | FROM USD $6,439

Journey through some of the world’s most spectacular scenery as we explore the highlights of Peru and end in Bolivia’s beautiful capital. Experience the Amazon Jungle and Lake Titicaca, and hike the legendary Inca of...

Machu Picchu | Peru | South America
Into the Incan Empire
8 days | FROM USD $2,939

This classic journey through the Inca heartland of Peru takes you from elegant Lima to Cuzco and its archaeological riches. Explore megalithic fortresses and ancient terraces, traditional Andean villages and colourful in...

See the real Peru

Get off the Beaten track in Peru

On our tours to Peru you'll get a true flavour of the country - spend a night with a local family on Lake Titicaca's Amantani Island, sample Cuzco's vibrant nightlife, cruise out to the wildlife rich Ballestas Islands, go fishing for piranhas in the Amazon, explore the colourful Pisaq Market and make your way up to Machu Picchu, trekking the famous Inca Trail or embarking on the spectacular and lesser known Lares Trek.

Styles of travel to Peru

Machu Picchu | Peru | South America

Group Tours

With an average group size of 12, our group tours in Peru are escorted by tour leaders, use local public transport and stay in a range of charming locally-owned accommodation from simple hotels and guesthouses, to homestays and jungle lodges. We cover many of Peru’s key highlights from the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu at dawn, to the unique wildlife of the Amazon rainforest.

Local women with llamas | Peru | South America

Tailor made Holidays

Fancy creating your own itinerary to Peru, designed specifically for you? With the help of our expert team of tailor made consultants you can do just that. Using their expertise of the region they will help you put together your dream itinerary with hand-picked accommodation, the places you want to see and experiences you want to have.

Local knitting women | Peru | South America

Private Tours

Browse our selection of private tours that take in some of Peru's most loved places and hidden gems off the beaten track. Our private tour itineraries are also a good place to get some inspiration for a tailor made holiday or if one of our group tours fits the bill, we'd be happy to arrange an identical itinerary on a private basis for you too.

Peru tour reviews

Scoring an average customer rating of 5 out of 5 based on 3 recent reviews — See All Peru Reviews


An Excellent trip and our guide was excellent. The trip was unforgetable and totally enjoyed. Bolivia was outstanding as a country to visit.. Our extra add-on to the Easter Islands was also a great success-so thanks Phil for sorting that too.”  

• Mar 2015

The tour was unbelievable. Santi was a funny intelligent informative an enthusiastic guide.

Fantastic group. Hernan was also superb with over the top willingness to ensure comfort.

Defo do it again.

Only one issue was that the hotel i was told i would be in was incorrect. The helpful efforts of cusco plaza 1 discovered the correct location with the rest of the group. ”  

• Oct 2014

One of the best adventures of my life. The unexpected snow fall on the 2nd day hike made the trip. That memory will stay with me for life.

Our guide Micky was great. Good knowledge of the area and sites, and made the trip very enjoyable. Also our cook Thomas, made great food. He somehow baked a cake on campsite, tasted great.”  

• Sep 2014

The routes to Machu Picchu

The most famous Inca path through the Andes is known simply as ‘the Inca Trail’, the royal route to Machu Picchu. The spectacular 44 kilometre trail crosses three stunning high passes and weaves between many ancient archaeological sites, culminating at the famous Lost City of the Incas. An alternative route up to Machu Picchu is through the picturesque Lares Valley which is nestled in the Andes and has all the natural beauty of the Inca Trail but without the crowds. For a less physically demanding trip to Machu Picchu, travel the scenic rail journey with incredible views of the Andes.

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When I travelled to Peru I felt
Love and admiration

“When traveling in a small Andean Village, we took photos of local families who had never had photos taken before. We arranged for the photos to be to...”

by Shari Tucker
Posted on 28 Jul 2015


Recommended places to visit in Peru

Machu Picchu | Peru | South America
Follow the Inca Trail

Machu Picchu

Often referred to as the Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu is a stunning sight that will amaze and astound even the most seasoned traveller. Surrounded by lush mountain forest, no trip to Peru would be complete without entering the Sun Gate at dawn for your first glimpse of this 15th century city basked in the golden hue of the morning sun.

Uros Islanders on Lake Titicaca | Peru | South America
Meet the locals

Lake Titicaca

Located on the border of Peru and Bolivia, this shimmering body of water is certainly a sight to behold and is well worth exploring for a day or two. On the Peruvian side the city of Puno is the gateway to Lake Titicaca, which is dotted with islands and the famous floating reed villages of the Uros people, where you can stay for a night to get to know the locals and learn about their fascinating way of life.

The Amazon | South America
Come face to face with nature

The Amazon

With unparalleled biodiversity and indigenous settlements, the Amazon cannot fail to inspire. The best way to experience the Amazon is to spend a night or two in an eco-lodge surrounded by nothing but rainforest. Kick back in your hammock, go on a jungle trek, explore the waterways by kayak, learn about indigenous life at a jungle farm or climb a canopy tower for a bird’s eye view.

The Nazca Lines | Peru | South America
Take flight

Nazca Lines

Etched into the plains of the arid Peruvian desert, the Nazca Lines are one of the most enigmatic sights in all of Latin America and are best seen by flight from a bird’s eye view. The nature, size and quantity of the lines have astounded archaeologists for years and continue to intrigue travellers who venture here from around the globe every year.

Trekking in Colca Canyon | Peru | South America
Home of the Condor

Colca Valley

The dramatic landscape of Colca Valley is home to many things – colourfully-attired locals, the elusive Andean Condors and of course, the awe-inspiring Colca Canyon. Nearby you can also find the hot springs of La Calera, the perfect place to kick back and relax for a while.

Cuzco | Peru | South America
Cafe culture


An intoxicating blend of colourful markets, charming cafes, bars blasting salsa tunes, traditional Andean culture and architectural wonders, Cuzco has a vibe you simply won’t be able to resist. If you can tear yourself away from the streets, why not take a day trip to the Sacsayhuaman Ruins – an erstwhile Inca fortress that overlooks the city.

Lima | Peru | South America
Big city life


While it’s no Big Apple, Lima is the largest city in Peru and a treasure-trove of fascinating museums, edgy art galleries and colonial facades nestled in its beautiful UNESCO-listed centre. There are also first-class restaurants, high rises and bars brimming with locals, so whether you are a culture vulture, fine diner or night owl, Lima will have something for you.

A very enjoyable holiday with a good group & mix of people & a very good tour leader who is obvioulsy very enthusiastic about his home country of Peru. As well as they key activities such as Lake Titicaca, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu & Amazon Rain Forest also had the opportunity of experiencing the Peruvian way of life & culture. A great experience.”  

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The Inti Raymi Fesstival | Peru | South America | Photo courtesy: Bharat Rio
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Machu Picchu | Peru | South America
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Machu Picchu | Peru | South America
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Machu Picchu | Peru | South America
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Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 4 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 4 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 4 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 4 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 4 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 4 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 4 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 4 travellers.
Guaranteed Departures
This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 4 travellers.
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This tour is 100% guaranteed to depart with 4 travellers.