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Best time to visit Peru

The landscape of Peru is diverse and weather conditions vary between the tropical Amazon Jungle, the coast and the rugged Andes Mountains.

Peru Seasons

Peru can be divided into three main climatic regions. The tropical Amazon is hot, humid and wet all year. The driest months in the Amazon are June to September when there are fewer mosquitoes, lower water levels and it's easier to spot wildlife along the riverbanks. Short heavy rains occur between November and March.

The arid coastal desert is at its hottest between December and March with occasional showers and coastal fog covering the beaches and cities from April to November. The coast has a mediterranean climate, it very rarely rains in Lima and the northern coastline is generally sunny year-round.

The central Andean mountains and highlands are colder due to the altitude. June to September is the dry season with warm, dry days and cold nights. This is the best time to trek in Peru. The wet season from November to March brings milder temperatures and rain. Rainfall is at its peak in the Andes from December to February and during this time hiking trails can become very muddy. The Inca Trail closes for maintenance in February each year.

Peru Climate | Lima

Temp Min °C191918171614141314141817
Temp Max °C282828272320191920222326
Rainfall (mm)300055888330

Peru Climate | The Amazon

Temp Min °C222121211917161719192122
Temp Max °C313131313130303333323231
Rainfall (mm)2832492281708450463893192209264

Peru Climate | Cuzco

Temp Min °C777421-114667
Temp Max °C202121222121212122222322
Rainfall (mm)16315010951155510256676137
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