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Travel Tips & Useful Info

All the useful information you need when travelling to Peru.


Peru is 5 hours behind GMT and does not observe Daylight Saving.


The voltage in Peru is 220V and sockets are a mixture of the European, two-pronged round variety and US flat-pin. We recommend that you pack a universal travel adaptor that will allow you to use a hairdryer, electric shaver, charge a mobile phone or other electrical items. You will also need a voltage converter if you're using appliances from the US.


The currency in Peru is the Nuevo Sol. US Dollars are also often accepted in tourist areas.

ATMs can be found in all towns and cities in Peru. Most major credit cards are accepted, although it's not usually possible to use credit and debit cards for purchases outside of tourist areas so a combination of cash and cards is always best.

Important: Please be aware that ATMs in Peru do not always automatically release your card with your cash and sometimes you have to push a button for your card to be returned.

Although all major currencies can be exchanged locally, US Dollars are best. It's advisable to request bank notes in smaller denominations, as it can sometime be hard to get change from larger notes.

Traveller's Cheques are not recommended as they're often difficult to exchange and incur high fees.


You should seek medical advice before travelling to Peru from your local health practitioner and ensure that you receive all of the appropriate vaccinations. As a guide tetanus, diphtheria, polio, typhoid, hepatitis A are recommended.

There is the risk of malaria in certain areas of Peru most notably the Amazon jungle so it is very important to check with your health practitioner before you go, to see whether malarial medication is required for the areas you are visiting. A Yellow Fever vaccination may also be required, especially if visiting the jungle.


The tap water in Peru is not safe to drink, so only drink bottled water and it's wise to avoid ice cubes in drinks.

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