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The Trans-siberian

Spanning a continent and dozens of ancient cultures, there’s a reason, this age-old train journey is regarded as the classic overland adventure.

The city that fell into the sea

Ancient Alexandria was the home of world's ancient library and Queen Cleopatra until an earthquake tipped it into the Med. Dan Whitaker explores another Egypt.

It's a cooking holiday

For travellers who want to learn how to rustle up their curries and tikkas, India has become one of the hottest gourmet getaways.

Vodka on Ice

Travelling is no easy ride but it's worth the trip to see vast, shimmering Lake Baikal, says Chris Moss, The Guardian.

Golden Christmas

On a sand-covered day in Egypt, Kim Smith enjoys her less-than-wintry christmas in Dahab.

Bazaar Experience

A shopping trip to Egypt’s bazaars is a world away from the prosaic high streets of the UK. Kim Smith has some advice for hopeful hagglers.

Russian All over

Cameron Jenkins travels to New Russia to drink vodka, laugh at statues and chat to fellow children of the Cold War.

Sail away

The best way to see the Egyptian Nile is by felucca. So climb aboard from Aswan to Luxor.

Tour Spotlight

Aegean Explorer

7 days from USD $1,279

Kicking off in the powerhouse of the Ottoman empire, discover exciting Istanbul, embrace Gallipoli, impressive Roman the...

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The On The Go Theatre
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