What the Press Say

What do the press have to say about us?! Read on ....

Tours with Tintin

Before this trip I had never even heard of a Tintinologist - now I am excited to be floating right next to one. His name is Michael Farr ... read more

Tintin in the rose-red city of Petra!

Georgia Brown follows in the footsteps of Tintin in Jordan ... read more

Red City, shades of grey ...

Moscow has emerged from Communism, but the faultlines between its past and its future remain.

Why Tintin was so British?

With a Steven Spielberg film in the offing, a new Herge museum and travel company running Tintin tours, the boy reporters adventures are being introduced to a whole new generation…

Blistering Barnacles!

Tintin had a dream job. At a moment's notice, the intrepid cub reporter would be dispatched across the globe in search of a cracking news story: Tibet, South America, Russia, the Middle East, India. His itinerary knew no bounds. It was remarkable in an era when commercial flights were only just taking off. Tintin even trumped Neil Armstrong by some 15 years with his lunar landing in the adventure Explorers On the Moon in 1954, his faithful companions Captain Haddock and Snowy the dog in attendance ...

Desert Dreams

From the Sahara to the souks of Marrakesh, Morocco has a magic all of its own ...

In the footsteps of the Maharaja: the glory of Rajasthan

Experience the glory of Rajasthan and gain an insight into the cultural legacy of the Maharajas including five star royal spa treatment at the Mewar Jag Mandir island palace - read more

Miracle Escape

The pretty market town of Madaba makes a great base to explore the region’s ancient biblical sites.

Tour Spotlight

Aegean Explorer

7 days from USD $1,279

Kicking off in the powerhouse of the Ottoman empire, discover exciting Istanbul, embrace Gallipoli, impressive Roman the...

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The On The Go Theatre
Discover the Ngorongoro crater and more on an African Safari