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Russia tours

With a rich and at times tumultuous history stretching back centuries, the Land of the Tsars is a truly fascinating place to explore. On our tours, you'll get the chance to explore Russia's two main cities - St. Petersburg and Mosocw - as well as life in the charming provinces.

Despite three name changes, three revolutions and a 900-day siege, today’s St Petersburg, known simply as Piter by locals, is a beautiful and thriving city. Admire the impressive art collection at the famous Hermitage Museum, stroll along Nevksy Prospekt and discover beautiful churches and cathedrals in St Petersburg. And in Moscow, wander through legendary Red Square & iconic St Basil’s Cathedral, head underground to a Soviet-era bunker and take a ride on the Moscow Metro and fascinating museums and watch world-class opera or ballet.

Discover this and many more top spots in Russia with our selection of escorted group tours, festive escapes, carefully designed private journeys and tailor-made holidays.

Experience Russia - Soviet Style!
Unique experiences on our group tours in Russia

Go underground and explore a former Soviet-era bunker, take the metro around Moscow with beautiful mosaics in each station, sample traditional pies at St Petersburg's Stolle Cafe, try an authentic Russian sauna - a wooden banya, learn to paint Matroshka dolls in Moscow and of course, sample lots of different types of Russian vodka!

Russia Group Tours

Delve into the fascinating history and modern delights of Russia's most cosmopolitan cities - St. Petersburg and Moscow with our group tours. Focus on one city over four days or combine them both travelling by overnight sleeper train. Explore the attractive city of Pskov, the peaceful Pechory Monastery, the riverside Kremlin of Nvogorod or sample the Trans-Siberian railway out to Yekaterinburg with our selection of itineraries. Or perhaps visit when the sun never sets and museums are open all night! read more

Mood for Moscow

4 days | FROM USD $799

A city of contrasts where history peeks from behind every corner. From...

Simply St Petes

4 days | FROM USD $769

A very European city in a very Russian setting. With beautiful history...

Night at the Museum

4 days | FROM USD $989

A chance for a truly cultural St Pete's city break! Coinciding with of...

White Nights and Museums

6 days | FROM USD $1,579

Spend a night at the museum! The most respectable museums and art stay...

Vodka Shot

6 days | FROM USD $1,329

St Petersburg and Moscow in one short blast. Discover Russia, seeing a...

Golden Ring of Russia

7 days | FROM USD $2,209

Discover the age-old allure of Russia on this 7 day tour of Moscow and...

Back in the USSR

7 days | FROM USD $1,889

Check out two of Russia's most striking cities. Explore the sights of...

Russian Revolution

9 days | FROM USD $1,979

Offering more time in St Petersburg, get acquainted with the beautiful...

Discover Russia

9 days | FROM USD $2,649

Take in the highlights of St Petersburg - city of the tsars and Moscow...

Route of the Romanovs

10 days | FROM USD $3,149

Follow in the footsteps of Russia's last ruling aristocrats - the in -...

Russia XMAS and New Year Tours

Have that perfect winter break in Russia with snowy landscapes, hot steamy banyas and plenty of vodka to keep you warm. Our Christmas and New Year tours follow our popular group tour itineraries with some added winter escapades such as cross-country skiing or ice skating. Escape to Russia this holiday season for a white Christmas in stunning St. Petersburg and a thrilling New Year in Moscow's Red Square!

The Snowball

6 days | FROM USD $1,259

No stuffing turkeys or entertaining aunts, head to mighty Russia this...

White Russian

7 days | FROM USD $1,399

For a truly unique new year’s break, celebrate in Russia’s capital...

New Years Red Square

9 days | FROM USD $2,069

Where will you be celebrating on New Year's Eve? Ring in the New Year...

The Big Chill

9 days | FROM USD $1,939

Seasons greetings from Russia! Enjoy a relaxed yuletide in St - city a...

Russia Visa Free Tours

With a recent change in regulations on tourist visas to Russia, it is now possible to visit St Petersburg without having to organise a Russia tourist visa. So long as you are travelling to Russia for less than 72 hours and have arranged sightseeing, you do not need to get a Russian tourist visa. Our visa free Russia tours take in the highlights of St Petersburg and also include a visit (via ferry) to neighbouring Finland and Estonia - so you can explore the fascinating European capitals of Helsinki and Tallinn, each with their own distinct character and charm.

Helsinki to St Petes

5 days | FROM USD $1,229

VISA FREE RUSSIA TOUR! See the best of Helsinki's neo-classical art -...

St Petes & the Baltics

5 days | FROM USD $1,439

VISA FREE RUSSIA TOUR! Travelling by ferry, combine the finest cities...

Russia Private Tours

Take the path less-trodden around Russia with our range of private journeys. Jump abroad a section of the Trans-Siberian railway to Yekaterinburg and onwards to the stunning Lake Baikal, enjoy the great outdoors in Karelia or explore the church-studded towns of Russia's Golden Ring.

Lake Onega | Karelia | Russia


4 days | FROM USD $1,199

Resting on the shores of the Onego and Ladoga Lakes, Karelia boasts a...

Vladimir old town | Vladimir | Russia | On The Go Tours

Capital & Country

5 days | FROM USD $2,159

Take in the highlights of Moscow – Russia’s capital city, before...

Suzdal | Russia

The Golden Ring

7 days | FROM USD $3,779

Russian history and architecture, famous old cities and towns. The is...

Lake Baikal | Trans-siberian Railway | Russia

Yekaterinburg Baikal Journey

12 days | FROM USD $3,729

Take the Trans-Siberian all the way through from Moscow to Irkutsk ' a...

Russia Day Tours

Only got a day to spare? We're here to help with our selection of city day tours of Moscow's iconic sites from Red Square to the Kremlin, and the cultural wonders of St. Petersburg with the Hermitage and St. Isaac's Cathedral.

Moscow: The KGB, Lenin & More

1 day | FROM USD $399

Explore the capital of Russia, home of the legendary Red Square, St on...

St Petersburg: Culture City

1 day | FROM USD $559

Explore St Petersburg with a drive through the city passing famous the...

Russia Short Stays

If you're short on time and want to experience the highlights of Russia over a long weekend, why not opt for one of our city breaks to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Marvel at the amazing art collections of St. Petersburg’s and choose to see the ballet or head to Moscow to gaze at the whimsical multi-coloured St Basil’s Cathedral and enjoy the nightlife. Can't choose between the two? Then do them both with our 6 day combo tour.

Baltic Express

4 days | FROM USD $899

Enhance your Trans-Siberian journey with the Baltic Express. From your...

Molotov Cocktail

4 days | FROM USD $799

Start your adventure in the beautiful city of the tsars - St see the...

Christ Our Saviour in Museum | Moscow | Russia

Moscow Uncovered

4 days | FROM USD $789

Explore Russia's capital city with all the remnants of Communism; out...

The Bronze Horseman | St Petersburg | Russia

St Petes Explored

4 Days | FROM USD $849

Art and design abounds in this northern city, with opulent palaces, as...

Russia tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.87 out of 5 based on 15 recent reviews — See All Russia Reviews

I have just got back from my fantastic tour of Russia (Vodka Shot) and absolutely loved every minute!

Our tour guide Tatiana was absolutely fantastic. She was not only incredibly knowledgeable having lived in St Petersburg her whole life, but she made it so much fun telling us unusual facts and telling us interesting stories about her family and drawing on personal experiences. She gave us so much more than a standard tour guide.

She made sure that every single person was looked after even if we were all going off and doing different excursions. She made sure even in our free time, we were well taken care of and knew exactly where we were going.

My mother and I have done lots of tours previously and found Tatiana was truly the best we have ever had and we were so sad to say goodbye. She was truly wonderful and made us feel so comfortable and made the whole Russian experience perfect! We loved every minute and we want to go back to Russia and visit her again.

Thank you! ”  

• Submitted 19 Nov 2015

I have been hesitant about group tours, but I knew going to Russia I would have to join a group. Thank god I did, I had such a great time on the tour and whilst it was a small group of only 6 we got along great and it made the whole experience so memorable. Our tour leader Dasha was amazing she was full of knowledge and passion. She helped us explore Russia and gave us a personal perspective of the country, which she loves so much. The tour group would have been completely lost without her.

I was thoroughly impressed with the level of accommodation, all three hotels were better than I expected and made the stay so comfortable. Overall it was a great tour to sample a bit of Russia and I will definitely be going back to St Petersburg. Now time to book my next tour! ”  

• Submitted 14 Oct 2015

Excellent all round. Guides were excellent as was accomodation. The Hotel Moscow in St Petersburg was in great location, only gripe was that itonly had analogue TV's. Tour could have done with 1 or 2 days more day in Moscow”  

• Submitted 16 Sep 2015

St Petersburg & Moscow

The main draw cards of Russia are its two major cities - St Petersburg and Moscow, and as such we've included a visit to both on most of our tours. St Petersburg, the jewel in Russia’s Imperial Crown, is an enchanting city with a rich history and elegant Baroque and Rococo architecture, formed around a series of canals. And Moscow - the capital city, is home of the mighty Kremlin, legendary Red Square and fantastical St Basil’s Cathedral.

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Feelgood Competition Entry 'Russian'
When I travelled to Russia I felt

“Red Square, St Basil's cathedral, the Kremlin. I would go to far Russia just to walk around these wonderful places. However, Russia has much more to a...”

by William Magnus Ritt
Posted on 30 Oct 2015

Feelgood Competition Entry 'Glorious'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'From Russia with Love, with Russia I truley loved'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'incredulous'
Feelgood Competition Entry 'Peaceful'

Recommended places to visit in Russia

The Kremlin | Moscow | Russia
The Whitestone


The capital of Russia for almost 900 years, Moscow needs little introduction. Home to the iconic Kremlin, legendary Red Square and the onion-domed St Basil’s cathedral, this huge city is without doubt the outlandish nerve centre of the Russian Federation. From the beautifully decorated Moscow Metro to the world famous museums and theatres – Moscow won’t fail to inspire your senses!

The Church on Spilled Blood | St Petersburg | Russia
Venice of the North

St Petersburg

An enchanting city with a rich history and elegant architecture, formed around a series of canals, St Petersburg is the jewel in Russia’s imperial crown. With lots of fascinating museums including the world-famous Hermitage, a beautiful thoroughfare in the shape of Nevsky Prospekt and the spectacular palaces of the tsars beyond the city, St Petersburg has plenty to enthral and entertain.

Soviet Bunker | Moscow | Russia
Underneath the city

Soviet Bunker

Did you know that beneath the busy streets of Moscow there lies an intricate network of tunnels dating back to the Soviet Union and the Cold War? Initially built as a defence to nuclear war they are now open to the public to explore. Stepping into another world you can walk through fascinating corridors, baffling control systems and end up at a karaoke bar! Inside a Soviet bunker is a definite must see for any Cold War enthusiast!

Novgorod | Russia
A very old New Town


South of St Petersburg lies the interestingly named Novgorod meaning New Town which was actually founded in the 9th century! It is a pretty town of tree-lined streets, stunning white churches and a magnificent kremlin. It took a bit of a battering from the Nazis during WWII but this kremlin has been now been beautifully restored and is definitely one of the town’s highlights!

Pechory | Russia
Rural Russia

Pskov & Pechory

Just 30km from the border with Estonia, Pskov and Pechory are great places to visit to see a more rural side of Russia. Pskov boasts from an interesting fortified kremlin as well as the gilded dome roofed Trinity Cathedral; and the small settlement of Pechory has a beautiful monastery – which is great to explore on foot.

Yekaterinburg | Russia
Gateway to the Urals


Most famous for the infamous murder of the Romanov family in 1918, Yekaterinburg is the first major stop in Asian Russia on the Trans Siberian Railway if travelling east and is the 4th largest city in the country. Must sees include the Church on Blood (the location of these brutal murders) and the QWERTY monument – a bizarre outdoor sculpture of the modern day keyboard!

Red Square | Moscow | Russia
Moscow Highlight

Red Square

Flanked by the iconic GUM department store, St Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin and the State History Museum; Red Square (or Krasnaya Ploschad as the Muscovites call it) is possibly one of Moscow’s most famous landmarks. It is the city’s historical, social and political heart and a great place to spend a few hours exploring.

Excellent tour guide. Tatiana was most helpful, informative and accommodating. Wonderful experience.”  

Russia Travel Guide

Here's our handy little guide covering those travel essentials you need to consider when planning your trip to Russia.


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The Kremlin | Moscow | Russia

Best time to Visit

Information on climatic and weather conditions in Russia

St Petersburg canals  | Russia

Best Places To Visit

Places on our must-see list of any visit to Russia


Tourist Visas

Visa requirements for Russia and info on getting your visa

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Get to know Russia

Recommended Reading

  • Among the Russians
    by Colin Thubron
  • Gulag Archipelago
    by Aleksander Solzhenitsyn
  • The Master and Margarita
    by Mikhail Bulgakov
Did you know...?

Facts about Russia

  • Russia is bigger than the planet Pluto covering a land mass of 17.1 million square km.
  • Beer was not considered an alcoholic beverage in Russia until 2013 - before that it was considered a foodstuff.
  • In Russia there are 9 million more women than men, which makes finding a good husband a real competition!

Russia Travel Advice:

We stay informed of the latest travel guidance on Russia and follow the advice set out by the British Foreign Office. The safety of our travellers is paramount and we recommend that you check the latest travel updates from the relevant advisory body in your country.

Online travel resources for Russia:

REFER TO: Rough Guides, Fodors, Bradt, Frommers, Footprints, CN Traveller and World Travel Guide.

ALSO SEE: The official Russia Tourist Organisation site and the latest Russia Weather Updates from the BBC.

RUSSIA TRAVEL BLOGS: Here's our selection of top blogs about Russia - English Russia, Sean's Russia Blog and Transform Siberia.

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