Star City Space Centre in Russia

Russia - Stellar Experiences

Ever wanted to be a cosmonaut for a day? Its time to live the dream! Transfer from Moscow and take a tour of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (aka Star City), where you can float freely, as you experience pure weightlessness. Or for the ultimate stellar adventure, travel to Nizhny Novgorod military base and fly to the boundaries of space where you will be able to see the curve of the earth, from a Russian Airforce MIG-29 combat aircraft! We offer three out of this world experiences, for all those budding astronauts out there!


Star City Centrafuge

Experience the immense force of gravity in...
1 days from USD $8,999

Star City Zero Gravity

Feel like a cosmonaut as you experience of...
1 days from USD $6,399

Space Flight MIG 29

Fly to the boundaries of space! Take in a ...
1 days from USD $35,999
FROM USD $8,999
A centrifuge at Gagarin Cosmonaut Centre (aka Star City) in Russia

Star City Centrafuge - 1 day

Experience the immense force of gravity and weightlessness in the Star City Centrifuge, as it simulates the flight dynamics and sustained Gs of a rocket-powered flight to the edge of space!

Starts/Ends: Moscow
FROM USD $6,399
People experiences weightlessness on our Star City Zero Gravity experience

Star City Zero Gravity - 1 day

Feel like a cosmonaut as you experience Zero Gravity onboard the fuselage of an aerobus IL-76 MDK.

Starts/Ends: Moscow
FROM USD $35,999
The curve of the Earth, as seen from space

Space Flight MIG 29 - 1 day

Fly to the boundaries of space! Take flight in a MIG-29 or MIG-31 to the outer reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere, where you will get the opportunity to look back upon the planet as we know it!

Starts/Ends: Nizhny Novgorod
The On The Go Theatre
A short film of a winter tour to Russia. Great sites and lots of snow!