Star City Centrafuge - 1 day

FROM USD $12,099

Experience the immense force of gravity and weightlessness in the Star City Centrifuge, as it simulates the flight dynamics and sustained Gs of a rocket-powered flight to the edge of space!

Day 1: Star City
A centrifuge is used for simulating both high Gravity load and physiological weightlessness, mimicking flight dynamics and sustained Gs of a rocket-powered flight to the edge of space. It is used to carry out training and medical examination of cosmonauts and military pilots, scientific experiments and tests of space, aviation and scientific equipment prototypes. The world’s largest centrifuge, the TsF-18, is at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre and was built to generate up to 10 times the force of gravity. You will experience the immense force of gravity as it simulates a Soyuz rocket launch until reaching the orbit of the ISS and the re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere - the mobile cab is at the end of a long arm and revolves at high speeds to simulate the conditions.

On this exciting excursion you will have the opportunity to experience this and be able to imagine the incredible feeling of being a cosmonaut! Star City Centrifuge bolt-on includes – return transfers from Moscow, 7 minutes experiencing the feel of g loads and weightlessness.

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Tour Details
  • Starts in: Moscow / Ends in: Moscow
  • Departs: Any day (subject to availability)
  • No local payment required
  • Breakfast:0, Lunch: 0, Dinner: 0
  • Tour Guide: No
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