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Postcards from Russia

Here's what some of our past traveller's have to say about their holiday with us:


Hi Natalie
Just to let you know that everything went really well with everything that you organised, thank you.

The Moscow tour guide good - Irina, her English and knowledge were very good. However I must make a special mention of Katarina in St Petersburg who was all of the above but also went to a lot of extra trouble for us, therefore really adding to our St Petersburg experience.

The village Fedotovo (30 residents) was an amazing experience it was like stepping back a century (or two) rustic might be a good descriptor. We went mushrooming and berry picking in the forest and bogs, had an authentic banya in someone's backyard - yep, in the nude with strangers wielding birch and pine branches and freshly drawn freezing well water. I could go on but you can imagine as you would have driven through some of these villages on your trip.

I have already started saving for next year! Thank you for all your help Natalie - having the guides in Moscow and St Petersburg made all the difference.


Elizabeth Warmoll, Jul 2009

   Russia Tailormade Tours

Thanks all your help, Janet.

I wanted to let you know that I had a great time in Russia.I will certainly recommend it to others. Your company made it a success.

David Burton, Jun 2009

   Russia All The Way - 14 days

Hello Ryan,

First of all, let me say thank you for everything. The "Route of the Romanovs" tour turned out to be a fantastic experience. All of our guides were top-notch and very fun. I will definitely consider On the Go the next time I get the itch to travel. I do very much want to go to Turkey...


Benjamin Prentice, Jun 2009

   Route of the Romanovs - 10 days

Hello Danniell,

I just wanted to drop you an email and let you know how brilliant the Russia trip was! I had an amazing time, it is probably one of the best trips I have done so far.

I had a great group, which probably helped to make it such a good time. It was pretty small, only 15 people, which was actually good because we got to know everyone, and we had a great mix of people. The oldest couple we had were in their 70s and they had a great time too!

I ended up in a single room even though I had paid for a double, as I ended up being the odd one out. I was disappointed not to have a roomie at first, but having my own space ended up being quite good.

The tour itself was really good, we had the four days in St Petersburg and then got the night train to Vladimir. The night train was... an experience. I'll try and attach a photo so you can get an idea. I wasn't expecting much but I was hoping for doors or curtains or something to separate the compartments! Plus we had two very loudly snoring Russian men sharing part of our compartment. Luckily we brought a large supply of alcohol and sugar!

The day after the train was pretty relaxing (luckily, as we didn't get much, if any, sleep!). We did a tour around Suzdal which was beautiful, and went to a banya (russian sauna) in the afternoon which was exactly what we needed!

The next day we took a mini-bus to Moscow and spent the next couple of days in Moscow going to Red Square, Lenin's mausoleum, Kremlin, the markets etc.

For options we did the Pukka Pass, and the ballet and folk show in St Petersburg , both of which were good.

I can't compare this to the other Russia tours, but I would definitely recommend it. Our tour guide, Anastacia, was great and really well organized. The hotels in St Petersburg and Vladimir were great, the one in Moscow was.... well, pretty ordinary I guess. It is however next to the amazing markets. The included meals were all really good as well.

Comparing this with a Russia tour I did previously with a different tour operator, On The Go is so much better - a lot more free time too which is great!

Thanks again for all your help with organizing everything, and I'll be in touch shortly to look at On The Go tours to Turkey/Croatia.

And book yourself on that Russia trip!! :-)


Kylie Hayes, Jun 2009

   Russian Revolution - 9 days

The trip was Amazing! I would say without a doubt the best place I have ever travelled, thank you for your help in organising. The trip was that much fun I was actually tempted to miss my flight :)

kindest regards and thank you again for your help

Michael Rojek, May 2009

   Russia Unplugged - 9 days

Hi Janet,
Just wanted to say thank you for helping Michelle and I book the Russia Tour. We had a great time. on the go really looked after us.
The tour guide Katya was wonderful. She had a large group as you're aware and was still extremely organised. She really made our stay very comfortable and a pleasure. The new guide Nadia was also fantastic and will be a very good addition to your team of Russian tour guides.

Thanks again.

Noel Wilshaw, Apr 2009

   Russian Revolution - 9 days


Just wanted to say thanks for all your assistance. We had a great trip except for
one night I battled vodka and lost. Trip was still great!

John Martin, Mar 2009

   Vodka Shot - 6 days

Katya was the best tour guide I have experienced. Extremely well informed + answered everything asked

Kristy Russell, Feb 2009

   Vodka Shot - 6 days
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