An On The Go Tours group take in the sights of St Petersburg

Postcards from Russia

Here's what some of our past traveller's have to say about their holiday with us:


If i didn't know much about Russia before I arrived I do now! Had a great time thank you :-)

Sam Hosking, Dec 2008

   The Big Russki - 9 days

Katya is a bit of pure gold. She was funny, intelligent, honest and very well versed in her Russian history. Beyond knowing everything about everything in every location we went to, at our request on our bus trip into Moscow she gave us a brief but poignant history of the rise and fall of Communism. It really put things into a real perspective for us. I am indefinitely grateful to her for making the trip so easy and educational. She was amazing. She should be held on to for as long as you can.

Sean O'Connor, Dec 2008

   XMAS Kremlins Tsars - 9 days

Katya was incredible. She really knows Russia and its’ history. From a good beat down at the Banya to the details of seemingly every building in St Pete’s, Moscow and every work of art in the Hermitage… very impressive. I wish I knew this much about Canada.

Dennis Harnet, Dec 2008

   The Big Chill - 9 days

I was surprised by the comfort level of the hotels we stayed at. They were super clean and really comfortable. Excellent food as well, and a great party on New Years in Red Square!! Those Russians know how to have a good time .. I thought it was great we got to mix with them all!

Kathy Lowry, Dec 2008

   New Years Red Square - 9 days

The itinerary was perfect never too rushed!! The trip included everything that I wanted to do – got to visit all the places that were really important to me like Church of Spilt Blood and we did ice skating and the Circus which was fantastic!! Best NY I've had in a while so a huge. THANK YOU!!


Yvette Downing, Dec 2008

   New Years Red Square - 9 days

Really enjoyed this trip as when you're overseas it's good to have Xmas and NY somewhere different .. a lot colder than New Zealand that's for sure! But good.

Shane Hamill, Dec 2008

   The Big Russki - 9 days

The tour leader was excellent, covering everything from politics, economics, life in Russia, job industry etc. such an eye opener for the group. Good mix of history and free time and NY partying.

Luke Strong, Dec 2008

   The Big Chill - 9 days

I got the white Xmas i dreamed of so I'm happy ... :-)

Sharon McFallen, Dec 2008

   The Snowball - 6 days
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