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Inside a Soviet Bunker

Head 65 meters underground to a Stalinist-era Soviet Bunker that up until recently was a top secret symbol of Soviet Power. Cleverly hidden beneath an ordinary apartment building, on a busy street in the heart of Moscow, 18 floors below ground level, this mighty 75,000-square-foot facility was constructed covertly in the 1950’s, to protect the select few against a US nuclear attack.

Known as the Tagansky Underground Command Center, the site was in operation throughout the 1970s, with a staff of 2,500, of whom 1,500 could be on duty at any one time. In the event of a nuclear war, it would have been sealed, with enough stored food for three months and systems to purify the air.

In the 1990’s with the Cold War thawing and the death of communism, this bunker came off the top secret list and is now open to the public! Step back in time to the clandestine and tense era of the Cold War and enjoy an interactive tour of this bunker turned museum, with an English speaking guide.

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