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KGB Headquarters

The legendary KGB (now known as the Federal Security Service) has its headquarters in Lubyanka Square in Moscow. The KGB was once one of the largest and most feared secret intelligence organisations in the world. Said to have as many floors underground as it does above, it was the last stop for dissenters before they were carted off to Siberia and the dreaded gulags. Before 1991 non members and certainly foreign visitors would never of been allowed behind the doors of the organisation, at one time headed by Vladamir Putin. Today it’s possible to enter the clandestine world of this amazing organisation and see Cold War exhibits with a real James Bond ‘007’ flavour; Deadly weaponry such as a torch that fires high velocity bullets and a lethal dart pen, glasses with suicide poison within the frames and spy equipment such as a watch that takes photographs. You’ll also get to see previously top-secret evidence of espionage in the form of documents and photos. All of this, plus the tour is lead by an existing or ex KGB member (with guide translation). The excursion is truly, far too intriguing to be missed!

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