Lenin's Mausoleum Holidays

Lenin's Mausoleum

Red Square is home to the eerie, almost macabre mausoleum of one Mavzoley V I Lenina - better known as
Lenin – the creator and sustainer of Communism. Following Lenin’s
passing way back in 1924, and against his wishes, it was decided to preserve the former Soviet leader’s body for national pride and posterity. A secret embalming process was perfected and he is now housed in a large Art Deco style, red granite monolithic structure.

The fascinating granite mausoleum located in Red Square is a Mecca for the curious, for still today, his body lies in peaceful repose. There are continual calls for his proper interment. In the meantime, his wax-like cadaver lies peacefully in a dimly lit, almost macabre
setting. Humourless guards ensure that visitors remain at all times respectful. Without stopping, you walk round three sides of a glass case in which Lenin lies in an almost surreal state. Behind the
mausoleum is a memorial garden housing the remains of many more
Soviet luminaries including Konstantin Chernenko, Yuri Andropov, Leonid Brezhnev and Yuriy Gagarin – Russian cosmonaut and first man in space.

Due to necessary ‘maintenance’ of Lenin’s heavily embalmed remains, coupled with Russian national holidays and limited opening hours, the mausoleum may sometimes be closed
during your visit.

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