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Capital of Russia, home of the mighty Kremlin and the legendary Red Square and the city that inspired dozens of spy novels. This amazing city began as a small provincial outpost but has become the cutting edge epicentre of Russia, with a hedonistic night scene and jam packed full of Russian history.

In Red Square, feast your eyes upon the intensely coloured onion domed St Basils Cathedral – the subject of countless postcards and an enduring symbol of Russia. You can also pay your respects to the father of Communism, Lenin, whose sallow embalmed body has laid in the Square's eerie mausoleum since his death in 1924.

Not to be missed, and opposite the mighty square is the golden domed Kremlin, Russia’s political powerhouse, where many infamous tyrants and dictators have conducted their business including Ivan the Terrible and Stalin

There is so much on offer in this exciting Capital, including internationally acclaimed museums and galleries, markets and boutique shopping, countless restaurants, and nightlife to rival any major city, it’s hard to know where to start!

Getting around Moscow is easy using the metro system which was a gift to the Soviet people from Joseph Stalin and a tourist attraction in itself, take time to appreciate the elaborately decorated central stations.

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Russia Spotlight
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The ancient and provincial town of Novgorod is en route from St Petersburg to Moscow and a popular pit-stop. ...

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Weather in Moscow
Mostly Cloudy, -10°C
Local Time: 11:39 PM

Russia Currency Rates
  1 GBP = 85.04 RUB
  1 CAD = 47.22 RUB
  1 ZAR = 4.69 RUB
  1 AUD = 44.43 RUB
  1 EUR = 66.89 RUB
  1 USD = 54.74 RUB
  1 NZD = 42.31 RUB
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