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Suzdal is a small, picturesque town in the Vladimir region, which is officially protected against unsightly 20th Century development, and loaded to the hilt with old buildings such as the Kremlin and Cathedral. Dating back to 1024, ancient Suzdal forms part of the Golden Ring, with stunning medieval architecture and an astounding number of churches and monasteries, making it a major religious centre in Russia.

Suzdal, with its pretty meadows and livestock that graze freely along the grassy lanes, retains the feel of a small pastoral village, despite the host of impressive buildings and a population of over 12,000 people. It is not hard to see why the town is so popular with tourists; in the beauty stakes Suzdal is unrivalled!

Whilst in Suzdal, take advantage of its peaceful rural setting and enjoy countryside walks and the fresh air! Explore the Kremlin, old monasteries and countless churches in the town and take a walk around the fairy tale dome convents. Suzdal provides a relaxing respite from the big cities.

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Mostly Cloudy, 17°C
Local Time: 6:45 PM

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