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Sample Itinerary - REF 8

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Great Wall

Days 1-2: Beijing

Welcome to Beijing and the start of your epic adventure. Arrival transfer from Beijing airport to hotel. The remains of days 1 and 2 are free for you to explore the sights of Beijing. On day 2 there is the option to embark on a Beijing sightseeing tour. On the tour walk a section of the behemouth Great Wall at Badaling and back in Beijing, visit the vast Tiananmen Square and take the Forbidden City, a centre of power for five centuries and seat of the emperors.

Ming statue

Day 3: Beijing

Early this morning, an included transfer to Beijing rail station for the train to Ulaan Baatar - capital of Mongolia.

Day 4:

Ulaan Baatar. Morning arrival (subject to border formalities and inevitable delays) into Outer Mongolia after crossing the border in the very early hours, transfer to your hotel in Ulaan Baatar. Mongolia is a country of unspoilt natural beauty, with endless steppe, nomadic tribes people, stunning Terelj National Park, double-humped (Bactrian) camels and wild Przewalski horses. Due to its high elevation, located 1350 metres above sea level Ulaan Baatar is the coldest national capital in the world, so make sure you wrap up warm! Enjoy free time exploring the National History Museum, Bogd Khan’s winter palace, the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet and Sukhbataar Square.

Day 5:

After breakfast drive to Kharakorum – the ancient capital of Mongolia. On the way box lunch at Elsen Tasarkhai. Arraival at the tourist camp. Dinner, Overnight at the tourist camp.

Day 6:

Visit Erdene Zuu monastery. This Monastery is the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. Lunch and meet our horses and wranglers. Ride 35km towards Tsetserleg, provincial center of Arkhangai Province.

Day 7:

Tamir River. Ride 35km along the Tamir River, taking in the picturesque scenery.

Day 8:

Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park. Ride 35km to beautiful Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park.

Day 9:

Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park - Kharakorum. Drive to ancient Kharakorum, which was founded by Genghis Khan in 1220 as a military centre.

Day 10:

Kharakorum - Ulaan Baatar. Drive back to Ulaan Baatar

Day 11:

After breakfast we visit the Gandan function monastery. In the afternoon a visit to Bogd Khaan Winter Palace. Free time late afternoon. In the evening enjoy a folklore show.

Day 12:

Day at leisure.

Day 13:

Breakfast and transfer to the railway station (Must be Friday)

Day 14: - Irkutsk

Ulan Ude - Irkutsk. Early morning arrival and transfer to your homestay for breakfast.The next day is free for you to independently explore the city or take an optional Ulan Ude city tour. Thanks to its proximity to Mongolia and China, the indigenous people of the region, the Buryats, clung on to their Tibetan-Buddhist faith through the Communist era. The guided city tour visits Ivolginsky Datsan - a centre of Buddhist culture and the following morning you will visit the open air Ethnographic Museum dedicated to the lives of local people and architecture through the ages.

Day 15: Irkutsk

Today you have the morning at leisure. This evening you will be transferred to the train station where you will board a train to Irkutsk.

Days 16-18: Irkutsk

Irkutsk. Morning arrival into Irkutsk, a town with the Asiatic influences of nearby Mongolia and China, and curious architecture - a legacy of Siberia’s aristocratic exiles. Spend the next three days at leisure exploring the town.

Days 19-20: Irkutsk - Trans Siberian train

Irkutsk - Yekaterinburg. Spend today morning at leisure in Irkutsk before your late afternoon transfer to the train station for your onward journey to Yekaterinburg across the tracts of Siberia.

Days 21-23: Yekaterinburg

Late afternoon the train pulls into Yekaterinburg. Transfer to your accommodation and spend the next two days at leisure exploring the city. On day 15 there is an optional city tour, which takes in the new monastery that marks the site of the Romanov family’s execution in 1918 and Ganina Yama - a beautiful monastic complex built on the site where their bodies were discarded and later found. The tour also takes you to the Europe/Asia border where you can stand with a foot in each continent!

Day 24: Yekaterinburg - Moscow

Early morning transfer to the train station for your overnight journey to Moscow.

Day 25: Moscow

Moscow - This morning, the train reaches Moscow.

Russia Spotlight
Yuriev Monastery and Museum of Wooden Architecture


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