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The ancient and provincial town of Novgorod is en route from St Petersburg to Moscow and a popular pit-stop. This pretty town is of historic interest; being one of the oldest towns in the country, and once the leading political and cultural centre of Russia, when Moscow was just a small provincial outpost.

Take a guided tour around the once powerful Kremlin in Novgorod which is now a relic of the town’s once political significance. In the centre of town you will find the impressive Cathedral of St Sophia, which is possibly the oldest building in Russia, and the Church of Our Saviour-at-Ilino with its breathtaking frescoes by the legendary Byzantine painter Theophanes the Greek.

Just out of town is the 12th Century, decrepit Yurev Monastery, in an attractive riverside setting, with a cafe just outside the monastery walls where you can grab a drink, whilst enjoying the views.

Fancy some fresh air? You could take a trip down the Volkhov River, the surrounding countryside and marshes are very picturesque, with churches dotted along the banks. Or, for something completely different, why not try sweating it out in a traditional Banya (sauna); there is a perfectly good one in Novgorod. You’ll also find plenty of eateries in the centre of town.

To get you started with planning your holiday to Novgorod, we have showcased below some popular itineraries requested by our clients which we hope will inspire your visit to Russia

St Basil's Cathedral | Moscow | Russia
Russian Revolution
9 days FROM $1,999

Offering more time in St Petersburg, get acquainted with the beautiful city of tsars before exploring historic Novgorod and cutting-edge Moscow – home of legendary Red Square and the mighty Kremlin - Russia’s political powerhouse!

St Isaac's Cathedral | St Petersburg | Russia
The Big Chill
9 days FROM $1,949

Seasons greetings from Russia! Enjoy a relaxed yuletide in St Petersburg - northern city of the tsars, relax and defrost in a traditional banya (sauna) in ancient Novgorod and frost up for New Year in hedonistic Moscow, Russia's mighty capital city.


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