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Situated at the southern end of Moscow’s legendary Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral is easily recognisable with its colourful tent roofs and twisting onion shaped domes and is undoubtedly one of Russia’s most iconic landmarks. Dating back to the 1500s, the cathedral was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible to mark the capture of Kazan from Mogul forces. According to legend Ivan was so impressed by the magnificence and intricacy of the cathedral that he had the architect Postnik Yakolev blinded so that he could never design anything of similar beauty again. St Basil’s consists of nine small individual chapels built on a single foundation, each filled with icons and walls decorated with beautiful floral designs in muted colours. Connecting the chapels are narrow corridors, a gallery and winding staircases. In front of the Cathedral is a large bronze statue of Pozharsky and Minin, two prominent figures in Russia’s army when the Time of Troubles hit.

St Basil's Cathedral Tours

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