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St Isaacs Cathedral

St Isaacs Cathedral Tours
St Isaacs Cathedral Tailormade Holidays

The dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral dominates the skyline of St. Petersburg and its gilded cupola can be seen glistening from all over the city.

The church was built by the French-born architect Auguste Montferrand, to be the main church of the Russian Empire. The cathedral is elaborately decorated - when you enter the cathedral you pass through one of the porticos - the columns are made of single pieces of red granite and weight 80 tons (about 177,770 pounds) each.

Inside the church many of the icons were created using mosaic techniques and the iconostasis (the icon wall that separates the altar from the rest of the church) is decorated with 8 malachite and 2 lapis lazuli columns.

The cathedral, which can accommodate 14,000 worshipers, now serves as a museum and services are held only on significant ecclesiastical holidays.

You can climb up the 300 or so steps to the observation walkway at the base of the cathedral’s dome and enjoy the breathtaking views over the city.

To get you started with planning your holiday to St Isaacs Cathedral, we have showcased below some popular itineraries requested by our clients which we hope will inspire your visit to Russia

The Church on Spilled Blood | St Petersburg | Russia
Simply St Petes
4 days FROM $799

A very European city in a very Russian setting. With beautiful scenery, fascinating history and stunning architecture, St Pete's - or Piter to the locals - offers a plethora of things to see and do.

St Petersburg by night | Russia
Night at the Museum
4 days FROM $1,199

A chance for a truly cultural St Pete's city break! Coinciding with the wonderful 'Long Night of Museums' event, when many of St Petersburg's leading museums and galleries are open until the early hours. See the sights of the beautiful city of the Tsars and attend this unique event.

Hermitage Museum | St Petersburg | Russia
White Nights and Museums
6 days FROM $1,999

Spend a night at the museum! The most respectable museums and art galleries stay open until the early hours for the annual Long Night of Museums event in St Petersburg on 17 May 2014, which is accompanied by special exhibitions, street art and performances. Combine this wonderful event with guided touring of the key sights in St Petersburg and Moscow.

Red Square | Moscow | Russia
Vodka Shot
6 days FROM $1,349

St Petersburg and Moscow in one short blast. Discover Russia, seeing the best of these two legendary cities, from the incredible Hermitage and Church on Spilled Blood to brightly coloured St Basil's Cathedral and the mighty Kremlin. It's the most fun you can have in under a week!

Peterhof Palace | St Petersburg | Russia
Back in the USSR
7 days FROM $1,899

Check out two of Russia's most striking cities. Explore the sights of Moscow - Russia's lively capital, before continuing on to rural Pskov for a local banya experience and capping off the adventure in St Pete's, the jewel in Russia's imperial crown.

St Basil's Cathedral | Moscow | Russia
Russian Revolution
9 days FROM $1,999

Offering more time in St Petersburg, get acquainted with the beautiful city of tsars before exploring historic Novgorod and cutting-edge Moscow – home of legendary Red Square and the mighty Kremlin - Russia’s political powerhouse!

Pokrovsky Monastery | Suzdal | Russia | On The Go Tours
Discover Russia
9 days FROM $2,799

Take in the highlights of St Petersburg - city of the tsars and Moscow - the dynamic capital, before getting off the beaten track and exploring Russia's historic Golden Ring towns of Suzdal, Kostroma and Yaroslavl. Loaded to the hilt with beautiful architecture, golden spires and onion-domed monasteries, with picturesque countryside to boot, the Golden Ring is one of Russia's most enchanting destinations.

Church on Blood | Yekaterinburg | Russia
Route of the Romanovs
10 days FROM $3,349

Follow in the footsteps of Russia's last ruling aristocrats - the Romanovs. Starting in St Petersburg - the city of the Tsars, head down to Russia's mighty capital city - Moscow and then ride the Trans-Siberian railway to Yekaterinburg, crossing the Ural Mountains, bound for Siberia.

Overlooking Red Square | Moscow | Russia
The Snowball
6 days FROM $1,249

No stuffing turkeys or entertaining aunts, head to mighty Russia this Christmas or New Year! With fun and good cheer unwrap St Petersburg and the nation’s capital - Moscow.

St Basil's Cathedral | Moscow | Russia
White Russian
7 days FROM $1,499

For a truly unique new year’s break, celebrate in Russia’s thriving capital city. Take in Moscow's Kremlin and Red Square before travelling onwards to beautiful St Petersburg, exploring delights such as The Hermitage and Catherine Palace.

Red Square & St Basil's Cathedral | Moscow | Russia
New Years Red Square
9 days FROM $2,199

Where will you be celebrating on New Year's Eve? Ring in the New Year in Moscow's Red Square, journey through Russia's heartland for some alpine fun and a steamy banya in Pskov before heading north to beautiful St Petersburg.

St Isaac's Cathedral | St Petersburg | Russia
The Big Chill
9 days FROM $1,949

Seasons greetings from Russia! Enjoy a relaxed yuletide in St Petersburg - northern city of the tsars, relax and defrost in a traditional banya (sauna) in ancient Novgorod and frost up for New Year in hedonistic Moscow, Russia's mighty capital city.

Peterhof Gardens St Petersburg | Trans-siberian Railway | Russia
Molotov Cocktail
4 days FROM $899

Start your adventure in the beautiful city of the tsars - St Petersburg, see the sights, with free time to explore before taking the overnight train to Moscow to begin your Trans-Siberian adventure!

Catherine Palace | St Petersburg | Russia
St Petersburg: Culture City
1 day FROM $559

Explore St Petersburg with a drive through the city passing famous sights along the way, from the famous Nevsky Prospect and vast Palace Square, to the lengthy University Embankment and monumental Admiralty building. Plus visit some of the city’s most impressive cathedrals and uncover artistic masterpieces in the Hermitage on this St Petersburg Day Tour.

The Bronze Horseman | St Petersburg | Russia
St Petes Explored
4 Days FROM $1,039

Art and design abounds in this northern city, with opulent palaces, fortresses and galleries; but its not just for culture buffs, as the shopping, restaurants and nightlife are exceptional too.

St Basil's Cathedral | Moscow | Russia
St Petes & Moscow
6 Days FROM $2,769

Explore Russia's capital city with all the remnants of Communism; check out the art at the Tretyakov Gallery, gasp in awe at St Basil's Cathedral and get your taste buds flowing with the sublime blinis and borsch.

Volga River | Russia
Volga River Cruise
10 Days FROM $0

Cruise along the stunning Neva and Volga Rivers, travelling along a series of famed russian lakes, canals, locks and waterways. Scenic and diverse - dotted with quaint villages, expansive cathedrals and historically rich ports, in a picture perfect setting of wooded pine & birch.

Volga River | Russia
Volga River Cruise Northbound
11 days FROM $0

Cruise along the stunning Neva and Volga Rivers, travelling along a series of famed russian lakes, canals, locks and waterways. Scenic and diverse - dotted with quaint villages, expansive cathedrals and historically rich ports, in a picture perfect setting of wooded pine & birch.


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