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Yekaterinburg is the first major stop in Asian Russia on the Trans Siberian and the gateway to the Ural Mountains. It is known as City of the Romanovs, as it is synonymous with the bloody murder of the Romanov family in July 1918. In 1991 archaeologists found bone fragments of 9 bodies in a shallow pit near Yekaterinburg which were revealed to be the remains of the Romanovs. Tsar Nicholas II and his family were finally given a dignified burial and laid to rest in St Petersburg SS Peter and Paul Cathedral in 1998. There much mystery surrounding the gruesome events of July 1918; the remains two of the Romanov children Alexis and Anastacia were never found. Did they escape and continue the royal blood line? Despite many claims, nobody knows for sure.

During a visit to this colourful city you can visit the Byzantine style Church on Blood which reveres the Romanovs and is close to the partially demolished house where the executions took place. 10kms out of the city, you’ll find the beautiful Monastery of Martyrs – Gamina Yama, a cross marks the spot where the Romanovs bodies were discarded.

Whilst in Yekaterinburg, take a stroll down Lenin Prospekt in the heart of the city, where you’ll find an interesting market and plenty of shops and eateries. There is also a military museum and the Ural Geology Musuem.

Have you ever been to Asia? Just 32 kms out of town you can stand with one foot in each continent at the Europe-Asia border marker!

To get you started with planning your holiday to Yekaterinburg, we have showcased below some popular itineraries requested by our clients which we hope will inspire your visit to Russia

Church on Blood | Yekaterinburg | Russia
Route of the Romanovs
10 days FROM $3,349

Follow in the footsteps of Russia's last ruling aristocrats - the Romanovs. Starting in St Petersburg - the city of the Tsars, head down to Russia's mighty capital city - Moscow and then ride the Trans-Siberian railway to Yekaterinburg, crossing the Ural Mountains, bound for Siberia.

Bay Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok | Trans-siberian Railway | Russia
Destination Vladivostok
19 days FROM $4,399

The original Trans-Siberian journey all the way to the end of the line at Vladivostok on Russia's Pacific coast. Kicking off in Moscow, ride the rails some 9288km with stops in Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk (for Lake Baikal) & Ulan Ude - Buddhist bastion of Eastern Russia.

Tailormade Holidays to Yekaterinburg

On the Go are expert at planning holidays in Russia — tailored to suit your individual requirements. Please have a look at some of the tailormade itineraries below that we have created for our clients which include Yekaterinburg.

REF: 8 - 21 Day Russia Tailormade holiday with 2 days in Yekaterinburg - Also visiting: Moscow, Trans Siberian train, Irkutsk , Baikal Area, Ulan Ude, Ulaan Baatar, Terelj National Park, Beijing
REF: 8 - 24 Day Russia Tailormade holiday with 2 days in Yekaterinburg - Also visiting: St Petersburg, Moscow, Trans Siberian train, Olkhon Island, Irkutsk , Ulaan Baatar,
REF: Trans-Siberian 25 - 13 Day Russia Tailormade holiday with 3 days in Yekaterinburg - Also visiting: Moscow, Irkutsk , Baikal Area, Trans Siberian train
REF: Russia 351 - 26 Day Russia Tailormade holiday with 3 days in Yekaterinburg - Also visiting: Vladivostok, Trans Siberian train, Ulan Ude, Terelj National Park, Irkutsk , Baikal Area, Moscow, St Petersburg
REF: Trans-Siberian 15 - 23 Day Russia Tailormade holiday with 3 days in Yekaterinburg - Also visiting: Beijing, Ulaan Baatar, Terelj National Park, Trans Siberian train, Baikal Area, Moscow

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