Witness the Solar Eclipse in 2020 and 2021

Witness a total solar eclipse in Argentina or Antarctica

Join us for a once in a lifetime experience

As one of Earth’s most spectacular natural events, witnessing a total solar eclipse is an experience like no other. While a total solar eclipse is visible from somewhere approximately every 18 months, they’re still incredibly rare events. On average, the same location on Earth will only see a total solar eclipse every 375 years. So they really are a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Join us in Argentina to witness the next total solar eclipse which will occur on 14 December 2020 or embark on an incredible Antarctic cruise to view the 04 December 2021 total solar eclipse.

What is a total solar eclipse?

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between us and the sun, temporarily blocking out the sunlight as the moon casts a shadow onto Earth. This is so impressive as the moon appears to be the same size as the sun, despite being 400 times smaller than it. The sky becomes incredibly dark, as though it were nighttime, in an awe-inspiring experience lasting only a few minutes.

Near the beginning and end of these events, a thin slice of the sun is visible. However, this appears broken up into beads of light as the edge of the moon is jagged with mountain peaks and valleys rather than smooth as we often imagine it. When just one bead of light is visible, the effect is likened to a diamond ring.

While there are three types of solar eclipses, a total solar eclipse only happens when the sun, moon and Earth are in a direct line and the moon is a certain distance from the Earth. During partial and annular solar eclipses, the moon doesn’t block the entire view of the sun.

December 2020 Solar Eclipse Tours

To coincide with the 14 December 2020 total solar eclipse in Patagonia we have four fabulous tours which showcase the beauty of the region and give eclipse enthusiasts the opportunity to observe this amazing celestial event.

Join us in Argentina to watch the eclipse from a privileged location along the central path of the eclipse, near Piedra del Aguila. Watch the incredible event unfold at an exclusive observatory camp, where eclipse glasses will be provided to ensure you can watch this natural phenomenon safely.

All of our 2020 Solar Eclipse Tours combine a full day eclipse excursion with a scenic tour of beautiful Bariloche in northern Patagonia and three nights at the enchanting Peninsula Petit boutique hotel on the shore of picturesque Lake Nahuel Huapi. With expert local guides at each port of call and a maximum group size of 22.

Total solar eclipse stock photo - On The Go Tours

Argentina Eclipse Express 2020

Our short and sweet 4 day Argentina Eclipse Express 2020 tour is ideal for independent travellers who are keen to just watch the Solar Eclipse and happy to make their own way to Bariloche.

Argentina Solar Eclipse main image - La Boca - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina & Eclipse 2020

Our 7 day Buenos Aires & Argentina Eclipse 2020 tour starts and ends in Argentina's charming capital, with a city tour and free time to independently explore.

Patagonia, Glaciers & Eclipse main image - Perito Moreno Glacier - Argentina - On The Go Tours

Patagonia, Glaciers & Eclipse 2020

Those with more time on their hands can wing their way from Bariloche to El Calafate on our 9 day Patagonia, Glaciers & Eclipse 2020 tour which visits the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park.

Argentina, Eclipse & Chile main image - Puerto Varas on the shore of Lake Llanquihue in Chile - On t

Argentina, Eclipse & Chile 2020

Travel from Buenos Aires to Santiago on our 10 day Argentina, Eclipse & Chile 2020 tour, which includes the breathtaking Andean Lakes Crossing from Bariloche to Puerto Varas, in the beautiful Chilean Lake District.

Highlights of our 2020 Solar Eclipse Tours

Peninsular Petit hotel in Bariloche - On The Go Tours

Our 2020 Eclipse Accommodation

Our 2020 Solar Eclipse tours all spend three nights at the enchanting Peninsula Petit boutique hotel, set in an idyllic location, on the shore of picturesque Lake Nahuel Huapi in Bariloche. With attractive Patagonian decor and modern amenities, the well appointed guest rooms all offer incredible views of the lake, native forest and surrounding hills. The hotel's restaurant and tea house serves delicious home cooked meals and guests can enjoy leisurely strolls through the beautiful gardens down to the private beach.

We provide centrally located, 4 star accommodation in all of the other destinations on our Solar Eclipse tours, including the wonderful Cabana del Lago hotel in Puerto Varas, set on the shore of Lake Llanquihue.

Please note: The Peninsula Petit Hotel is now fully booked. For any passengers booking a solar eclipse tour from 01 December 2019 onwards, please be aware that accommodation has been arranged at the Hosteria Katy in Bariloche. Thank you for your understanding.

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Our 2020 Eclipse Observation Camp

We will observe the 2020 total solar eclipse from a privileged location along the central axis of the eclipse near Piedra del Aguila. Our exclusive observatory nomad camp has a stretch tent, with comfortable seating, eco toilets and refreshments. After the eclipse we'll enjoy a gourmet 'Campestre' picnic lunch at the camp, accompanied by premium Argentinian wines.

December 2021 Solar Eclipse Antarctic Cruises

Observe the 4th December 2021 Solar Eclipse over the South Atlantic Ocean on one of our two Antarctic Expedition Cruises.

From the Falkland Islands to the Antarctic Peninsula, these cruise tours encompass the Earth's most inhospitable continent. Home to untouched ecosystems and a myriad of wildlife, Antarctica is the ultimate adventure travel destination. Our cruise tours include as many excursions as possible and have been timed to ensure you're in exactly the right place to witness the solar eclipse - east of South Orkney, at the centre of the eclipse path.

Cruise Antarctica and Solar Eclipse main image - King Penguins on South Georgia

Cruise Antarctica & Solar Eclipse 2021

Observe the December 2021 Solar Eclipse from the centre of the eclipse umbra on our 15 day Cruise Antarctica & Solar Eclipse 2021 voyage to South Georgia and Antarctica, travelling aboard the MV Ocean Victory.

Solar Eclipse & Antarctica Explorer 2021 main image - humpback whale tail

Solar Eclipse & Antarctica Explorer 2021

Follow in the footsteps of Ernest Shackleton and marvel at the total solar eclipse on our 20 day Solar Eclipse & Antarctica Explorer 2021 cruise aboard the MV Ocean Atlantic, which takes in the natural wonders and incredible wildlife of the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica.