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South America - Private Tours

If you would like to experience the treasures of South America at your own pace and in your own private travelling party, we can tailor-make the perfect holiday for you and your friends or family based on what you want from your trip. Witness the majesty of the lost Incan city of Machu Picchu at dawn, marvel at the natural forces of Iguazu Falls, learn to Tango in Buenos Aires, explore the stunning landscapes of Patagonia or get up close and personal to the resident wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, all at a level of comfort chosen by you.


To get you started we have selected 12 of our favourite private journeys through Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. Each of our private South America itineraries offers a classic journey, taking in the most popular tourist spots and famous sights, and a more in-depth itinerary travelling more widely throughout the country and seeing more of the wonders on offer. We’ve also included an itinerary in each country to inspire you – take you off the beaten track and see regions of South America that are less-visited but equally as rich in archaeological treasures, cultural experiences or natural wonders, learning something new about the country as you travel.




Into the Incan Empire

This classic journey through the Inca of...
8 days from USD $2,939

Way to Rio

Set out from Iguazu on an 8 day adventure ...
8 days from USD $2,229

Darwin’s Eden

Travel to the islands that gave birth to...
9 days from USD $6,639

Highlights of Bolivia

Travel from southern Peru into Bolivia, in...
9 days from USD $4,729

Atacama & the North

Get off the beaten track in Chile’s with...
10 days from USD $5,189

End of the World

Find yourself seduced by elegant Buenos by...
10 days from USD $2,589

El Norte Grande

Take a journey through Argentina’s great...
12 days from USD $3,639

Avenue of the Volcanoes

Discover the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes...
13 days from USD $5,669

Chimu, Sican & Surf

Explore Peru’s less-visited yet northern...
14 days from USD $5,039

Santiago to Patagonia

Discover Chile in all its glorious natural...
14 days from USD $6,489

Vines Lakes & Volcan Escapes

Get behind the wheel for this classic tour...
14 days from USD $4,389

Waterfalls Wine & Wilderness

Sample Argentina’s great outdoors with a...
14 days from USD $2,649

Wilds of Ecuador

Embark on an incredible adventure through...
16 days from USD $8,999

Canyon Deep, Aymara High

Discover the treasures of Peru from the of...
17 days from USD $4,139

Explore South America with On The Go Tours

Our selection of private South America tours can be adapted to suit your needs – choose from standard, superior or deluxe accommodation, either modern properties with excellent facilities or heritage and boutique properties that offer something a little different. Add an extra night here or there extending your stay in either Peru, Ecuador, Chile or Argentina or combine two or more of our itineraries to create the adventure of a lifetime through South America.


If you have something specific in mind, our widely travelled team of tailor-made consultants can help create your dream trip. Let us know what inspires you and we will suggest an itinerary to suit. Perhaps you’re a history buff and want to visit northern Peru’s pre-Incan archaeological sites or perhaps you’re a nature lover looking for a luxury retreat in Ecuador’s Cloud Forests. Whatever your interests or tastes, On the Go Tours are here to turn that dream of yours into a reality.



FROM USD $2,939
The early morning cloud dissipates to reveal stunning Machu Picchu on our Peru Tours

Into the Incan Empire - 8 days

This classic journey through the Inca heartland of Peru takes you from elegant Lima to Cuzco and its archaeological riches. Explore megalithic fortresses and ancient terraces, traditional Andean villages and colourful markets before culminating in the spectacular ‘Lost City’ of Machu Picchu.

Starts/Ends: Lima
FROM USD $2,229
Stunning Rio de Janiero -a must see place on our Brazil tours especially during carnival time.

Way to Rio - 8 days

Set out from Iguazu on an 8 day adventure that takes you to the beautiful city of Curibita, historic Morretes, buzzing Sao Paulo and the legendary Rio de Janeiro. Get a real local experience using public transport between cities and spend your time doing the things you want to do at your own pace with lots of free time!

Starts: Iguazu Falls / Ends: Rio de Janeiro
FROM USD $6,639
The iconic Blue Footed Booby in the Galapagos Islands - an amazing part of an Ecuador Tour.

Darwin’s Eden - 9 days

Travel to the islands that gave birth to Darwin’s theory of evolution with this classic tour of Quito and the Galápagos. Snorkel in marine-rich waters, hike through fragrant forests, trek across barren fields of hard lava and keep those binoculars to hand for the staggering array of wildlife waiting to greet you.

Starts/Ends: Quito
FROM USD $4,729
Uyuni is home to some of the most spectacular salt flats in the world as seen on our Bolivia Tours

Highlights of Bolivia - 9 days

Travel from southern Peru into Bolivia, visit the Bolivian Highlands, colonial Potosi and the incredible salt flats in Uyuni where you stay in a hotel made entirely of salt! Explore the famous rock formations of the Valley of the Giants before finishing up in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile!

Starts: Puno / Ends: San Pedro de Atacama
FROM USD $5,189

Atacama & the North - 10 Days

Get off the beaten track in Chile’s northern reaches with this unique adventure through the Atacama Desert. Kicking off in Santiago discover fascinating museums, lunar-like landscapes of geysers and rock formations, pre-Hispanic ruins and gigantic geoglyphs, mammoth copper mines and abandoned ghost towns with plenty of natural beauty to boot.

Starts/Ends: Santiago
FROM USD $2,589
A lighthouse looks out across the water to Argentina's snowy peaks - a must see on our Argentina tou

End of the World - 10 days

Find yourself seduced by elegant Buenos Aires and thoroughly captivated by Argentina’s share of Patagonia. Marvel at the icy walls of Perito Moreno, cruise the marine-rich Beagle Channel and discover the Land of Fire at the southern-most edge of Argentina on this 10 day adventure.

Starts/Ends: Buenos Aires
FROM USD $3,639
The colourful hills in Argentina surround a village. Visit here on our Argentina tours.

El Norte Grande - 12 days

Take a journey through Argentina’s great rugged northwest, a land of infinite variety from ochre deserts to snow-capped mountains. Explore colonial towns, traditional Indian villages and pre-Inca ruins along the way with spectacular gorges to feast your eyes on.

Starts/Ends: Buenos Aires
FROM USD $5,669
Driving up to one of Ecuador's beautiful volcanoes on a n Ecuador Tour

Avenue of the Volcanoes - 13 days

Discover the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes with this adventure from colonial Quito to coastal Guayaquil taking in the market town of Otavalo, impressive Cotopaxi National Park and its snow-capped volcanoes, the glittering Quilotoa crater, gorgeous Cuenca and a thrilling ride on the ‘Devil’s Nose’ train.

Starts: Quito / Ends: Guayaquil
FROM USD $5,039

Chimu, Sican & Surf - 14 days

Explore Peru’s less-visited yet archaeologically-rich northern regions in this unique tour. From Lima and its surrounding treasures, head north to colonial Trujillo and the colossal Chan Chan ruins, continuing to Chiclayo and the magnificent Valley of the Pyramids.Finish with sun, sea and sand in the trendy beach resort of Mancora.

Starts/Ends: Lima
FROM USD $6,489
The famous peaks of Torres Del Paine National Park - often visited on our Chile Tours

Santiago to Patagonia - 14 days

Discover Chile in all its glorious natural beauty from the glittering lakes of Puerto Varas, the scenic archipelago of Chiloé, the panoramic views from Punta Arenas and the jagged granite peaks of the Paine massif. Along the way visit traditional fishing villages, observe comical penguins and explore Torres del Paine national park in your way.

Starts/Ends: Santiago
FROM USD $4,389
Picture perfect volcano in Chile as seen on our Chile tours.

Vines Lakes & Volcan Escapes - 14 days

Get behind the wheel for this classic self-drive tour of Chile from vibrant Santiago and its neighbouring vineyards to the famed Lake District for outdoor adventure and vistas of pure beauty. Sample world-class wines, admire crystal clear lakes and the backdrop of impressive volcanoes and explore the native rainforest of Huilo Huilo.

Starts/Ends: Santiago
FROM USD $2,649
Vineyards and Mountains - two of Argentina's highlights.

Waterfalls Wine & Wilderness - 14 days

Sample Argentina’s great outdoors with this trip from the magnificent Iguazu Falls to the awe-inspiring glacier of Perito Moreno. Passing through wine country for a tipple continue to Bariloche for forays into the wild cordillera.

Starts: Buenos Aires / Ends: El Calafate
FROM USD $8,999
An iguana in Ecuador - meet the wildlife on an Ecuador Tour.

Wilds of Ecuador - 16 days

Embark on an incredible adventure through the wilds of Ecuador from the lush Amazon rainforest to the volcanic islands of the Galápagos, teeming with endemic species. Explore colonial Quito, cross the Equator, shop till you drop at Otavalo market and soak up the grandeur of Cuenca.

Starts: Quito / Ends: Guayaquil
FROM USD $4,139

Canyon Deep, Aymara High - 17 days

Discover the treasures of Peru from the spectacular depths of Colca Canyon to the dizzying heights of Machu Picchu and the Incan citadel. Take in the floating islands of Lake Titicaca staying with the local Aymara people before delving into the exotic Amazon Rainforest for a jungle experience.

Starts/Ends: Lima
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