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San Pedro de Atacama Holidays

Sample Itinerary - REF SOUTH AMERICA 189

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Day 1: Santiago - Easter Island

Bienviendos a Chile! Welcome to Easter Island and the start of your journey through some of amazing South America. Arriving on the island, meet our driver who will take you to your hotel. Arriving here, meet your private guide and driver and enjoy a visit to the eastern rim of the Rano Kau crater, and walk to Vai Atare which has an unbeatable view of the offshore islets. This walk gives a much more complete experience of the island’s most impressive natural wonder, as well as views over the cliffs that are no longer visible from Orongo.

Day 2: Easter Island

Enjoy a full day tour of the Island including Ahu Vinapu - best platform stonework on the island, often compared to the Incas, Ahu Akivi - restored inland platform, Puna Pau - the 'topknot' quarry, site of the red scoria carving, Rano Kau - an extinct crater and the island's most impressive natural formation, Orongo - ceremonial village and former site of the Birdman Competition, and lastly Ana Kai Tangata cave - small cave offering unbeatable coastal views.

Day 3: Easter Island

Departing from Hanga Roa, this tour will take you to visit Ahu Akivi, Ahu Vinapu, Puna Pau Quarry, and Te Pahu Cavern. Ahu Akivi’s 7-Moai platform faces the equinoctial rising sun with each statue at a height of around 16 feet and a weight of around 18 tons. According to folklore, the seven statues represent the seven young explorers who left Hiva, a legendary Polynesian homeland, to do reconnaissance on the island after the spirit priest Haumaka made the first chief, Hotu Matu´a, aware of the island’s existence. You’ll have time to reflect on this story and the many other mysteries of Easter Island as you walk around exploring the incredible Moai structures.

Day 4: Easter Island

Enjoy a full day tour of the Island including Ahu Tahai - series of 3 restored platforms, some of the island's most iconic, Anakena beach - the island's main beach with white sand and stunning moai where you can snorkel, Te Pito Kura - the largest moai ever transported (10m) currently unrestored, Ahu Tongariki - spectacular site and the island's largest platform with 15 restored moai and Rano Raraku - the moai quarry where almost 400 statues still lie unfinished.

Day 5: Easter Island - Santiago

Enjoy a morning to do as you wish, we then return to the airport for the flight back to Santiago. Arriving in Santiago we head to a nearby hotel where you rest for the night (Daily flight arrives Santiago and 21:30)

Day 6: Santiago - San Pedro de Atacama

This morning we return to Santiago Airport for the flight north to the city Calama. Arriving here, our local driver is on hand to take you to San Pedro De Atacama.

Day 7: San Pedro de Atacama

After breakfast visit the 12th century pre-Inca fortress of Pukara de Quitor. Continue to the ancient settlement of Tulor where circular dwellings are interconnected by common passages and patios. Dating to 800 BC the site is the earliest known settlement in the area and is now partially covered by the constantly moving desert sands. Later in the afternoon see the impressive Licancabur volcano on your way to the village Toconao where the volcanic Liparita stone is quarried nearby. Heading in to the centre of the Salar de Atacama, the largest salt lake in Chile, arrive at the Chaxa Lagoon where you’ll find pink flamingos congregating.

Day 8: San Pedro de Atacama

It’s an early morning departure today as you travel to the Geysers del Tatio for a picnic-style breakfast and a stroll around the geothermal fields to see the geysers and pools of boiling water and mud. In the afternoon enjoy a city tour with a visit to the outstanding Museo Arqueológico Gustavo Le Paige. Housing more than 380,000 artefacts including Neolithic tools, ceramics and gold and silver ritual masks, the museum is famed for its prehistoric mummies, notably the withered ‘Miss Chile’.

Day 9: San Pedro de Atacama

Today we spend the entire exploring the dramatic wind-eroded landscape of Valle de la Luna and Dead Valley. The angular geology is often compared to the surface of the moon and you’ll get the opportunity to visit salt caverns, hike in the valley and climb the sand dunes to marvel at the kaleidoscope of colours that appear over the Andes at sunset.

Day 10: San Pedro de Atacama - Uyuni / Salar De Uyuni Region

This morning your driver and guide will collect you for the journey through some of the most remote areas of planet earth. Today the goal is to reach Ojo De Perdiz, along the way we stop to explore the fascinating natural wonders such as Laguna, “Sol de Mañana” Geysers and Laguna Colorada. (OVERNIGHT OJO DE PERDIZ)

Day 11: Uyuni / Salar De Uyuni Region

Continuing our journey through this breathtaking region, the goal is to driver to San Pedro De QuemeZ. Along the way stops will be made to explore the small lagoons of Hedionda and Cañapa. (OVERNIGHT SAN PEDRO DE QUEMEZ)

Day 12: Uyuni / Salar De Uyuni Region

Today we reach the incredible Salar De Uyuni. Spend the day with your private guide and driver stopping to explore Incahuasi Island, the Grotto of petrified seaweed, Cemetery of Trains and more depending on your interest and time permitting. (OVERNIGHT PALACIO DE SAL)

Day 13: Uyuni / Salar De Uyuni Region - La Paz

We will transfer you to the airport and assist you catching the flight to La Paz. Arriving here, meet our guide who will take you to your hotel stopping at a scenic lookout point to take in views of the city down below.

Day 14: La Paz

Enjoy a full day private tour of this scenic city - visit world-class museums like the Gold, Murillo and Costumbrista, explore traditional street markets and head up to the Mirador de Killy Killy for fantastic views over the city. Later on marvel at the geological formations of the Valley of the moon, 10km outside of town.

Day 15: La Paz - Lima

Returning to La Paz Airport we catch the flight to Lima in Peru. Arriving here, our local driver awaits to take you to your hotel.

Day 16: Lima

This morning with your private guide discover why Lima has historically been such an important city with a sightseeing tour that covers Lima’s most impressive colonial buildings as well as a number of fascinating museums in the Historic center of the city. Afternoon is at your leisure.

Day 17: Lima - La Paz

Today is at your leisure to explore the city on your own time.

Day 18: La Paz

Sadly your journey has come to an end, we will transfer you to the airport in time for your flight home.